Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Catch Up

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Where to begin???  I am completely slacking on the blog front.  I thought summers were supposed to be schedule free and relaxing.  Seems like we are going more than ever these days.  Plus I don't really have much to blog about "home décor" wise, but here is a little July catch up on our family. 

Fourth of July week some of our small group girls took our kids to visit the nursing home that we have adopted.
The kids passed out flags and cards they had made.
We wore our red, white and blue to church on Sunday too. 
On the fourth we did sparklers with our neighbors. 

The next week I turned 31.  My sewing group had the delicious cake for me!
Most of our days have been filled with our attempts at beating the heat.  We play in the water almost every day.
We also have a superhero living in our house!
This past weekend we got to celebrate Colson's birthday!
Westin and Reagan love their cousin!
The party was so fun and included water balloon games which were hilarious to watch!
Sunday we wore our red white and blue again without even thinking about it.  :)
After lunch we caught Reagan red handed.  She climbed up on a high chair and was chowing down on a cupcake!  I seriously cannot turn my back for one second around her.
And lastly, we sent this boy off with Gran and G-Daddy for a week of fun.  He was very excited to go have them all to himself!  I sure will miss him though!


Christy said...

Reagan & Westin are both growing up so fast. That sure is a cute superman that you have. LOL, hope you enjoy your week with Reagan and I'm sure Westin is going to have a blast with the grandparents.

emily said...

Sounds like y'all are having a fun Summer!

I laughed at the picture of R sneaking a cupcake! Girl after my own heart...ha!

Happy belated birthday!

Kelli said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer with your two adorable little ones.

Vickie said...

Such a cute family!! Please share where you purchased the blue dress that you are wearing (to church). I need one!! :)

Shannon said...

Thank you, Vickie! I got it from Gap a couple if months ago. It is the most comfortable thing I own!!!

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Alex and Jill said...

I love these pictures. Westin's face waving that flag is so cute and I swear Reagan and Sydney are twins with their sneeky-selves! I caught her drinking toilet water today. *GAG* I have to watch her EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY (except when she's sleeping :)

Marian said...

Love to catch up on your blog every now and then.....just haven't caught on to the blogging world as well as I would like. I sometimes get to read and not post.....have trouble making my comment work. lol! Anyway, LOVE to see all your pics of your kids!!! Precious! Growing up ever so fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your taste in clothes. I bought the Gap dress after seeing it here. I was excited that it was 20 percent off, but now everything at Gap is 35 percent off. Oh, well. It's still a great dress. : )

Michelle Dessler said...

This is my first time to your blog. It's so cute! I love the name!! What caught my eye is (I think he's) your husband looks just like my favorite Uncle. So weird.

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