Friday, May 31, 2013

The Month of May

Whew!  I seriously cannot believe June first is tomorrow.  This past month has flown by!  Here is a catch up post with a thousand pictures.

 We have been getting the water table out a lot!  Reagan thinks it is the perfect opportunity to wash her hair.
 Westin had his last day of MDO for the semester.  He won't go back until September.

 He loved his teacher, Mrs. Britten.  He talks about her all the time!
 Can you find Westin in the class picture?  He looks like a baby!

He had his end of the year program a couple of weeks ago.  I told him to stand by the tree so I could take his picture and this was his pose.  :)

 He really got into his songs.  They sang the ABC's and Lord's Army.
 "Yes sir!"
 The Friday before Memorial Weekend I took Reagan to the Dr. and found out she had croup.  :(  Westin was SOOO upset that we weren't going to be able to go to Grammie and Grampy's house and go to the lake.  When we broke the news to him he was the most disappointed and sad I have ever seen him.  Cody felt so sorry for him that he loaded him up and drove him the 3 hours to my grandparent's house to go to the lake.  :)

 I'm glad he tubed for the first time but I'm sad I missed it!
 Reagan still wasn't feeling too well on Memorial Day but she had been without a fever for over 24 hours so we went to a cookout with our Sunday school class that evening.
 She posed for me while her brother was napping.
 Her favorite thing to do is play in the bird bath!
 I love this picture of them but I also don't like the fact that Westin looks like he is 12 years old!
 I mentioned on Instagram (sldavis08) that I got a new sewing machine for an early birthday present and I love it!!  I never realized how my other machine only had the bare basics.  I've made some shirts for Westin, Zach and Colson and made Reagan a knot dress the other day.  I still need to do the  button holes but I will have to watch the DVD again to remember how to do those.  :)
I hope y'all had a great month!  I'm looking forward to June!  Westin will go to his first Vacation Bible School at our church and Reagan will go to my parent's house that same week.  It will be the first time I've ever been away from her for more than a few hours and I know I will miss her like crazy!  However, I am looking forward to having a mini break while Westin is at VBS.  :)


Mollie said...

Sweet kiddos! Reagan washing her hair is so funny!! I'm impressed with the knot dress!!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

What cuties you have! Enjoy them while they are small, our baby graduated H.S. this month. Time flies!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Westin looks like he grew a FOOT this school year! They are both beautiful, beautiful babies!

emily said...

Your kids are adorable! That last picture is definitely a framer! I love R's smocked dress!

Alex and Jill said...

I'm amazed at how much everyone's kiddos have grown from the beginning of school year to end! I hope Reagan is feeling better. Love the fabric you chose for her dress!!

Allison said...

I love Reagan's Memorial Day outfit. You are very talented, love the dress you made.

Carrie said...

Love your sewing! I really love seeing your projects!! Can I ask what material you used for Reagan's dress? And where are Westin's madras swim shorts from?

Christi said...

His baby face is gone! Enjoy a mini break during VBS! What kind of sewing machine did you get? I saw it but didn't pay attention.

Shannon said...

Hi! The fabric for the knot dress is all from Joann's Fabric. Just basic cottons. And his swim shorts are from Gap but I found them at Goodwill. :)

Shannon said...

Hi! The sewing machine is Brother HC1850. I found it on amazon. I love it! Some people might not think its fancy but compared to my other machine, it is great! :)

Katie said...

I didn't realize how much darker Westin's hair has gotten this year!

Stacie said...

Westin is looking so big these days! You may have mentioned it before and I just missed it, but where do you get your sewing patterns at - online or in stores?

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