Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

My snowball bush finally bloomed!  I actually thought it was a goner since we had SNOW on May 3rd!  It was the first time ever snow has fallen in May in Arkansas.  Thankfully though I don't think it harmed any of my plants.

I cut a giant bouquet and loved it so much, I cut some more for the rest of the house.  :)

I tried to take a picture of Reagan in her new outfit I made but you know how that goes.  This girl is on the move!

Westin and I went on a mother/son date knight at Chick Fila.  He got this shield and he has been carrying it around ever sense. 

We met some friends at Boingo Bounce where Westin and Colson were inseparable. 

On Saturday we went to the park where Reagan got to run around and play for the first time.  Westin loves his scooter!  He wants to ride it all day!

I thought this picture was funny although I know I will not think it is funny in a few years.  Reagan has already started with the attitude!  I put her shoes on and she gave me this look when I didn't immediately open the door to go outside.  Haha! I get this look quite a bit these days.

Reagan wasn't feeling good on Sunday so we didn't get to go to church.  It was neat to think how far we have come since last year.  We dedicated her on Mother's Day last year and I think she was about 5 weeks old.  I couldn't really get any smiles out of her today since she wasn't feeling well.
 The little boy that made me a mommy!

 When I see my arms holding two precious babies, all I can think about is God's faithfulness.  Wow!  There were days I never thought I would see this sight.  I'm always praying for those of you who are still waiting on your miracles!  I don't think I could ever forget the years I waited on this.
 Serious Reagan.
 Westin was SO proud of his gift to my Mom.  Thank you, Lauren, for the cute idea!  He put his finger prints (and Reagan did too) on a branch to make birds on notecards.

 Our best attempt at a family picture.  :)
 Finally got a little smile out of Reagan.

Happy Mother's Day to Gran, the best mom and grandmother in the world!  We love you!


The Crowder Family said...

So stinkin' cute, Shannon! The pictures of you with Westin and Reagan are just precious! I know you prayed about having babies for so long, and I know how grateful to God you are! What blessings!! Reagan with the "attitude" cracks me up! I hope she's feeling better!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

That "attitude" pic cracks me up!! Love all her expressions. :) I love that notecard idea. Your roses are beautiful by the way!

Jennifer said...

I love the outfit you made!! And the notecards are TOO cute!

Sara said...

Such cute kiddos! Where did you get that scooter?

Alex and Jill said...

It seems like yesterday that we were texting each other about IVF treatments! I'm so thankful for my babies and yours!! :) God is good.

When are you going to start taking orders for those cute outfits your making?? Hint-hint!! LOL

And I need to make some of those cards for my Mom and Alex's...they could love those. Such a cute idea.

Love this post!

Jen said...

I have a question about Reagan's sandals :) I have a daughter who just turned one too, I am trying to decide on a size. What size does your daughter wear? Thanks!

Shannon said...

Hi! Reagan has just moved to a 3. The 2's are 4.75" heel to toe and the 3's are 5". Hope that helps! They are my favorite shoes!

Bethany @ 3SonsPlus1 said...

Aw, such a sweet post! Especially love that last picture! And your sewing is fantastic! I just love sewing for my little girl, especially after 3 boys, ha! =)

Marian said...

Such sweet pictures! Love the 3 generation of ya'll! They grow up so fast!!!