Friday, May 31, 2013

The Month of May

Whew!  I seriously cannot believe June first is tomorrow.  This past month has flown by!  Here is a catch up post with a thousand pictures.

 We have been getting the water table out a lot!  Reagan thinks it is the perfect opportunity to wash her hair.
 Westin had his last day of MDO for the semester.  He won't go back until September.

 He loved his teacher, Mrs. Britten.  He talks about her all the time!
 Can you find Westin in the class picture?  He looks like a baby!

He had his end of the year program a couple of weeks ago.  I told him to stand by the tree so I could take his picture and this was his pose.  :)

 He really got into his songs.  They sang the ABC's and Lord's Army.
 "Yes sir!"
 The Friday before Memorial Weekend I took Reagan to the Dr. and found out she had croup.  :(  Westin was SOOO upset that we weren't going to be able to go to Grammie and Grampy's house and go to the lake.  When we broke the news to him he was the most disappointed and sad I have ever seen him.  Cody felt so sorry for him that he loaded him up and drove him the 3 hours to my grandparent's house to go to the lake.  :)

 I'm glad he tubed for the first time but I'm sad I missed it!
 Reagan still wasn't feeling too well on Memorial Day but she had been without a fever for over 24 hours so we went to a cookout with our Sunday school class that evening.
 She posed for me while her brother was napping.
 Her favorite thing to do is play in the bird bath!
 I love this picture of them but I also don't like the fact that Westin looks like he is 12 years old!
 I mentioned on Instagram (sldavis08) that I got a new sewing machine for an early birthday present and I love it!!  I never realized how my other machine only had the bare basics.  I've made some shirts for Westin, Zach and Colson and made Reagan a knot dress the other day.  I still need to do the  button holes but I will have to watch the DVD again to remember how to do those.  :)
I hope y'all had a great month!  I'm looking forward to June!  Westin will go to his first Vacation Bible School at our church and Reagan will go to my parent's house that same week.  It will be the first time I've ever been away from her for more than a few hours and I know I will miss her like crazy!  However, I am looking forward to having a mini break while Westin is at VBS.  :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

My snowball bush finally bloomed!  I actually thought it was a goner since we had SNOW on May 3rd!  It was the first time ever snow has fallen in May in Arkansas.  Thankfully though I don't think it harmed any of my plants.

I cut a giant bouquet and loved it so much, I cut some more for the rest of the house.  :)

I tried to take a picture of Reagan in her new outfit I made but you know how that goes.  This girl is on the move!

Westin and I went on a mother/son date knight at Chick Fila.  He got this shield and he has been carrying it around ever sense. 

We met some friends at Boingo Bounce where Westin and Colson were inseparable. 

On Saturday we went to the park where Reagan got to run around and play for the first time.  Westin loves his scooter!  He wants to ride it all day!

I thought this picture was funny although I know I will not think it is funny in a few years.  Reagan has already started with the attitude!  I put her shoes on and she gave me this look when I didn't immediately open the door to go outside.  Haha! I get this look quite a bit these days.

Reagan wasn't feeling good on Sunday so we didn't get to go to church.  It was neat to think how far we have come since last year.  We dedicated her on Mother's Day last year and I think she was about 5 weeks old.  I couldn't really get any smiles out of her today since she wasn't feeling well.
 The little boy that made me a mommy!

 When I see my arms holding two precious babies, all I can think about is God's faithfulness.  Wow!  There were days I never thought I would see this sight.  I'm always praying for those of you who are still waiting on your miracles!  I don't think I could ever forget the years I waited on this.
 Serious Reagan.
 Westin was SO proud of his gift to my Mom.  Thank you, Lauren, for the cute idea!  He put his finger prints (and Reagan did too) on a branch to make birds on notecards.

 Our best attempt at a family picture.  :)
 Finally got a little smile out of Reagan.

Happy Mother's Day to Gran, the best mom and grandmother in the world!  We love you!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life Lately

Wow!  I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged.  I think I've been saying that a lot lately.  :)  Anyone who has spent time around Reagan can understand.  There is not one thing going on over here other than chasing her every waking moment.  It is fun, but exhausting.  I haven't been doing anything to the house but here are a few things we have been up to.

I had the biggest scare of (hopefully) my life a couple of weeks ago.  Westin was running out of the kitchen at the same time Reagan came around the corner to go into the kitchen.  They collided and Reagan was knocked unconscious.  I panicked!  I picked her up to see that she was limp and her eyes were rolling back in her head.  The paramedics think she might have had a mild seizure type reaction because her neck was positioned in such a way that I thought her neck was broken.  Seeing her neck like that and her not being responsive for about 15 seconds, you can imagine my terror.  I am SO thankful that my friend Elizabeth was here since otherwise I would have been home alone.  She remained calm amidst my hysteria and called 911.  The ambulance was here within 3 minutes, which by that time she was awake and starting to come to.  She checked out fine, praise the Lord!  She had a mild concussion but is back to her normal self.  It is not coincidence that I "randomly" called Elizabeth that morning to see if she wanted to come over that afternoon.  It is not coincidence that she was going to leave about 20 minutes earlier but hung out for a little bit more.  It is amazing to see how God works!

I think my adrenaline was so high for a few hours that after I rocked her to sleep that night, I came out of her room sobbing.  She usually never falls asleep while I rock her but she did that night and I just held her for forever. I was so overcome with gratitude for the Lord's provision and protection over her life.  

Onto some more upbeat things!  :)  I plugged my camera into my computer tonight and forgot about these pictures of Westin.  I love capturing everyday activities.

How do boys always find the dirt? 

And why does he think it is funny to stand on my plants?

He had his 3 year check up yesterday and he did so good!  He weighed 29.9 lbs and was 37.8" tall.  He has always been 25% in weight and 50% in height.  He had to get his MMR shot (that I have put off since he was 15 months-Ha!) but he was so brave!  He only cried for a second because the nurse was smart and brought the toy basket into the room for him to pick a toy immediately after his shot.  :)

Our latest sewing project was this Tilly Top by Brownie Goose.  The picture above is the back of the shirt.  I think it is my favorite project yet!

I made some ruffle capris to go with it.  I put a button on the side of both legs but I had only done one leg in the picture.  :)

We have been playing outside so much!  I found these roller skates at Goodwill and knew Westin would love them.  He doesn't mind one bit that they are Barbie skates.  :)
This girl truly is the happiest when she is outside.  She usually wakes up from her afternoon nap before Westin and we always go wander around the front yard.  Her favorite things to do are: eat the mulch, try to pick up bugs and run as fast as she can from me.

I took this before BSF this morning.  I love how Westin's hand is around Reagan and her hand is on his leg.  :) 

What a difference a year makes! 

I think we are all looking older.  Haha!

Reagan insists on wearing this mask all the time!

I just love this picture of Zach and Reagan.  He loves her so much.

Hopefully it won't be so long until I check back in.  But you probably know by now that it probably will be.  :)