Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birthday Party Fun

Reagan napped until her guests started arriving at 11am.  Oh!  So many people ask about this quilt on her chair.  It was from TJMaxx and I got it several years ago...maybe even before Westin was born. So I woke her up and put her party clothes on.  We snapped a few pictures before heading out to the living room.
 (Her party didn't really have a theme but I did a very loose tea party "theme".  Basically she wore this dress, had the tea pot cookies and the rest of the party was done in these colors.)
She walked out of her room and peaked around the corner to see a house full of friends and family.

Our other child was too busy playing with his cousins to be bothered with a picture.
 She found the balloons!
After her cake and bath, (smash cake pics in another post-there were just too many!) it was present time!  She started out interested but then she moved on to something else.  There were plenty of helpers to get the job done, though!

We tried getting a picture with her closest in age friend, Serena, but they were too interested in their toys.  :)

Since I used her quilt in all her monthly pictures, I wanted to incorporate it into the party too.  We hung it up and snapped pictures of the guests.  We got everyone but one family that had to leave early.

 The Coleman family.  Helga is my friend who does @pattycakecloset with me on instagram.
 The Richey's.  Adeline is into making faces these days!  Haha!
 Aunt Cassie drove up for the party and we were so excited!
 Tejay and Aaren
 Andrew and Jessica
 Gran and G-Daddy with a super silly Westin.
The Rowe family.
Westin is also into making faces these days!
Playing with her new kitchen from Gran and G-Daddy!


Jodi said...

Love that you took pics of everyone there in front of the quilt. Such a great idea. She is such a happy girl and looks like she had a fun party!

Brittney said...

What a cute party and an adorable girl!

And I am loving following (and buying) from you on Instagram!

Bella said...

Such a cute party! Love the teapot cookies and 'theme' and that you did pics in front of the quilt! I've been wondering the same about the quilt, it's so cute :-)

emily said...

Love that you incorporated the quilt. I love her teapot dress. Adorable.

Alex and Jill said...

Love the quilt pics!! Your babies look so much like their Daddy!! :)

Mary Ann said...

Does this baby ever stop smiling.She's always happy.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

LOVE the picture of you two with her in her little dress! You're both beautiful girls. :)