Thursday, March 7, 2013

Westin's Actual Birthday

I feel like we have been celebrating all week!
On Tuesday, Westin's actual birthday, Reagan and I got him out of bed while singing "Happy Birthday".  He noticed balloons in the hallway and said, "Is it my birthday at my house?!"

He ran through some balloons and then got to open one present.  He added some cars to his collection!

After lunch, Daddy, Katie, Colson and Zach met us at Maggie Moos for some ice cream.  Westin requested "white ice cream with fruit snacks on top."  That translates to vanilla with gummy bears.  He didn't really like it so him and Colson got to eat a little cup of sprinkles.  :)

Zach is always so sweet to hold Reagan.

Westin napped until after five so Cody was home when he woke up.  He was able to go get him out of bed to bring him in the living room for his last presents.

He loves scooters!

At his party someone got him something we had already gotten him.  It worked out well because about a week ago he started talking about this Thomas Shark Exhibit.  On Monday, I unwrapped the toy I had hidden in the closet and exchanged it for this. He was a happy camper!

After dinner we sang to him one last time and let him blow out 3 candles.

Now every morning when he wakes up he asks if it's his birthday.  Between his party and his actual birthday, he had a lot of celebrating so I think he thinks it should just keep on happening!  :)


Kimberley said...

he has such a great smile!!! i can't believe he's 3!!!

Kelli said...

He is just so sweet. Happy Birthday to your little guy. I love his shirt!

Paige said...

Just precious!

Carrie said...

What a fun day! Happy Birthday Westin!

The Crowder Family said...

He is too cute! What a fun day y'all made it for him!
I have a picture of J sitting in our chair with his Cars lined up just like Westin!