Thursday, March 7, 2013

Party Day

Before his party, Cody's parents, sister, brother and nephew came up for a short visit.  Westin could barely contain his excitement to take a picture under the birthday banner.

Aunt Cassie and Westin.

Nana and Poppy.  We enjoyed getting to visit with them and Westin loved all his presents!  We wished they could have stayed for the party but it is a long drive back home.

After they headed home we went to the party!

Katie took this picture and I love it because it captures his true smile and his complete excitement over his big day!

Westin and Elle.

A little blurry, but he loved the ponies!

Cols and Dubs.  Partners in crime.

Zach loved climbing to the top of the hay stack!

It was pretty chilly so everyone mostly stayed in the sun.  :)

Most of the kiddos from the party.  There were a few un-willing participants.  :)

Present time!  He was so funny opening his presents and on a few he said, "I always wanted this!" or "this is what I was always wanting!"  Haha!

Welcome to the family, Tejay and Aaren!  And Jessica too, of course!  :)  Andrew (my younger brother) and Jessica got married a few weeks ago and we are thrilled!

Pic with the birthday boy.

Pic with the whole family...the best we could do.  :)

Gran and G-Daddy of course helped so much by picking up plates, the cake and watching Reagan most of the party! 

We are so thankful to everyone who braved the weather and helped us celebrate!  Westin had an absolute blast and loved being with his friends!


Carrie said...

Westin is the happiest little guy ever!! What a fun party day!

sadietalk said...

I love the birthday banner hanging on your may have said in a previous post but I couldn't find it if so...did you make the banner. If not where did you get it? I love it. Thanks so much. Beth

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