Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eleven Months-Reagan

Monthly stickers from HERE!

Raise your hand if you are excited to be 11 months old!!  Reagan sure is even if Mama still can't believe it!  Here are some things you are up to right now:

- Size 3 diapers and moved up to size 5 night time diapers
- Size 12 month clothes
- At your last Dr. appointment a few weeks ago (for an ear infection) you weighed 19 lbs.
- Still only two bottom teeth!
- Still cruising around all the furniture but will now let go and balance for a few seconds.
- You will stand up in the middle of the room without using anything to pull up with.  You are so proud of yourself when you do this!
- You sit and play with one foot on the ground and one knee on the ground.
- You love doing front flips on the ground.  If I say, "do a flip" you will push up on your hands and feet and put your head on the ground and try to flip over.
- You have a few new tricks/words this month. You will "mooooo" when I ask what a cow says.
- You try to blow kisses but you only get your hand to your mouth. 
- You hold your toy phone (or any toy that resembles a phone) to your ear and say, "heoo?" trying to say "hello?"  Already practicing your phone skills!  :)
- Trying to get you dressed or change your diaper is a chore!  You are soooo squirmy and strong and it ends up taking three times as long!
- You still take two naps a day for a few hours each.  If we are out and about and you skip your morning nap you are still so happy.  If you happen to miss your afternoon nap though, you are pretty fussy.
- You still love food!  However, you rejected your first food the other day...avocado.  You kept trying it but just kept spitting it out.  Your new favorite food is mandarin oranges.  And you can down those fruit and veggie food pouches in about a minute flat.  You don't even come up for air.  :)  This is a favorite snack for me to bring when we are out and about because you can do it yourself and you love them.
- Thankfully you still have not cried when I've taken you to the nursery or BSF nursery.  I am really surprised at this but I'm not complaining.  Your brother would cry every time and for the whole time I was gone.  You are just happy to have any one's attention...I guess it doesn't matter who's it is.  :)
- You still love your excersaucer which is wonderful because there are times I definitely need you contained! 

Reagan, you are such a JOY!  You are so laid back, happy to play by yourself or with others, and just so happy all the time!  You smile at everyone and we cannot help but smile back.  We thank God for you every day!

A little comparison picture.


Mer said...

THey look SO MUCH ALIKE! So cute.

Kimberley said...

i cannot believe she's 11mos!! she and westin (at 11mos) could pass for twins!!

Emily said...

Where did time go? I can't believe she is 11 months already. She is precious and she looks just like big brother.

Kari Beth said...

i cannot get enough of her! love her! and really so hard to believe that she will be one in a few weeks.

Becky said...

She's so precious! Can't believe she is almost a year! And Westin's party was so cute! You always have the cutest ideas :)

The Williams Family said...

I love her sweet smile! Can't believe that birthday time is almost here... where has the last year gone? PS - I love her shirt!