Thursday, March 28, 2013


Wow.  I cannot believe I have been away from my blog for this long!  We haven't been too busy, just living life I guess!  I'm going to have to do this post in list order (with a ton of pictures).  Here is what we have been up to lately:

1.  We have had a few nice days the past few weeks so we have been spending some time at the park.  It's not quite spring but we are ready and waiting for some pretty weather!

2.  We had a play group with our sewing club moms to take a picture of our pretty ladies in their dresses/tops.  This was everyone except one little girl.  Up next we are making a pheasant dress Monday night!

3.  We spent some time in Little Rock last week and Gran and G-Daddy took us to the zoo for the first time!

We went right in the middle of nap time so Westin had a few meltdowns but overall, he loved it!  After seeing every animal, he said his favorite was the iguana.  I think we have Go, Diego Go to thank for that one.

4.  In Little Rock I was able to capture this picture below.  Even though it was taken with my phone, it is one of my favorite pictures of them!  It completely captures her love for him.  Every morning when we go get Westin up she lays beside him in his bed and gives him the same hug. 

5.  On Tuesday I tried to have a little photo shoot in some spring clothes.  It did not go too good.  After ten minutes of wrestling them I was over it and so were they.  I wish this one below wasn't so washed out.  Westin is constantly kissing her head!

6.  We met some friends at "our" nursing home (the same one we always go to) to pass out some Easter candy and crafts.

7.  Today we went to Lindsey's house to dye Easter eggs!  This was pretty much Westin's first experience with egg dyeing.  I'm glad I got the picture below because that was his one and only egg he dyed.  He was off to play with toys after dropping the egg in.

Annabel and Reagan were happy to supervise. 

Our finished products!  I have to admit that I wasn't too sad that Westin didn't get into it more because I really like dyeing them.  :)

8.  The kids have been taking a long nap this afternoon so I was able to plant some geraniums in my front flower pots, clean out my car, and pot these daffodils for our Easter lunch we will be eating this weekend.  I hope they last until Sunday!  And I hope these eggs aren't too tempting for a certain little boy's hands. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating our RISEN Savior!
"'Don't be alarmed,' he said. 'You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified.  He has risen!  He is not here.'"
Mark 16:6a

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Westin's New Bed

The weekend before Westin's third birthday (a few weeks ago), his new bed was delivered!  A local man built it and Westin told everyone "Steve was building his bed."  He was so excited since we talked it up for weeks!  I was very hesitant about the switch because he had never climbed out of his crib and he truly loved his crib.  He would lay in there for an hour or so before he fell asleep or after he woke up.  It was his safe place.

Thankfully though, he has treated his new bed just like his crib.  He has never gotten out and will wait for us to come get him after he wakes up in the morning and after his naps.  I hope this continues!

Now on to lots of pictures! 

Don't mind the monitor cord or box fan...that's just life.  :)

His bedding is the Madras quilt and sham from Pottery Barn Kids.  The dinosaur sheets are from Target and the navy and white striped duvet and sham are from Target as well.

His crib bumpers were four seperate pieces.  When he sleeps, I put one of the bumpers under his fitted sheet on the edge of the bed so he won't fall out.  So far so good!  Although he really doesn't move around much at all while he sleeps.  Some of our friends have used a pool noodle under the fitted sheet as well.

We added a canvas and some frames to the big frame that was hanging over his crib.  (I still need to find pictures for the middle frames.)

For the "drapes" I bought two queen duvets from target and hung them on clip rings.  They are about 3" too short but for $14 a panel (on clearance), I can live with that.  :)

These storage cubes are not the prettiest things but they have been great for us for toy management.  The top three cubes hold books and the six canvas bins have toys in them that are categorized by type of toy.  Such as, plastic animals, cars, transportation, misc. toys, etc.  His larger toys are on the shelves in his closet.

Above is the view from his bed.  The black cabinet holds his clothes (except button up shirts) and some puzzles and a few toys.

This is the wall you see when you first walk into his room.  I still haven't filled those two bottom right pictures.  :)  He got to add his three year old hand print to the gallery a few weeks ago (top left).

His room isn't arranged how I would like it to be arranged, but at this stage we are trying to create the most play space.  He loves his room and enjoys playing with all his toys in there.  He is also so proud of his big boy bed and loves showing everyone who comes over. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Latest Sewing Projects

I have been having so much fun sewing lately.  It is what I do in my spare time which is probably why my blog has been so quiet lately.  :)  Our sew club meets on Monday nights and is so much fun!  We made this ruffle shirt for our second project several weeks ago.

Here is a grainy iPhone picture of Reagan in it.

Our latest project was this knot top.  From THIS pattern.  Most girls did a knot dress but I made a shirt since Reagan isn't walking yet and does not prefer crawling in a dress.  :)  I made the pants to go with it too.

I loved that green chevron so I wanted some more shirts that she could wear with the pants.  Our sew club leader and friend, Kari Beth, made these two shirts to go with the pants.  LOVE them!

We were snowed in one day several weeks ago and I had an extra shirt and fabric so I made this shirt.  I might make a ruffle or something to go over the seam because the jersey of the shirt kind of pulled when I was sewing with it. 

Westin loved this car fabric so I made him a birthday shirt with it.  He loves it and when people ask what is on his shirt (alluding to the fact that he is three) he says "it has cars on it!!" He is more excited about the cars than being three.  :)

I decided to buy a pattern and try doing it start to finish on my own.  I got THIS pattern that can be made into shorts or pants.  I let Westin pick out the flannel fabric for PJ pants and me chose the dinosaurs.  He is very proud of these too!

I used blue and white seersucker to make some shorts for this summer.  I must say, I was surprised and excited that both the pants and shorts fit him.  Haha!

Have y'all been sewing anything fun lately?  It can really be addicting!

Oh!  My friend, Helga, and I started an Instagram shop to resale baby and kid's clothes!  It has been so fun!  And thank you to those who have already bought some things!  I know they were mostly blog readers.  :) Y'all seriously are the best!  Follow @pattycakecloset if you are interested!

And I have got to get started on planning Reagan's party!  I cannot believe I haven't started!  I'm about to start stressing about it.  :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eleven Months-Reagan

Monthly stickers from HERE!

Raise your hand if you are excited to be 11 months old!!  Reagan sure is even if Mama still can't believe it!  Here are some things you are up to right now:

- Size 3 diapers and moved up to size 5 night time diapers
- Size 12 month clothes
- At your last Dr. appointment a few weeks ago (for an ear infection) you weighed 19 lbs.
- Still only two bottom teeth!
- Still cruising around all the furniture but will now let go and balance for a few seconds.
- You will stand up in the middle of the room without using anything to pull up with.  You are so proud of yourself when you do this!
- You sit and play with one foot on the ground and one knee on the ground.
- You love doing front flips on the ground.  If I say, "do a flip" you will push up on your hands and feet and put your head on the ground and try to flip over.
- You have a few new tricks/words this month. You will "mooooo" when I ask what a cow says.
- You try to blow kisses but you only get your hand to your mouth. 
- You hold your toy phone (or any toy that resembles a phone) to your ear and say, "heoo?" trying to say "hello?"  Already practicing your phone skills!  :)
- Trying to get you dressed or change your diaper is a chore!  You are soooo squirmy and strong and it ends up taking three times as long!
- You still take two naps a day for a few hours each.  If we are out and about and you skip your morning nap you are still so happy.  If you happen to miss your afternoon nap though, you are pretty fussy.
- You still love food!  However, you rejected your first food the other day...avocado.  You kept trying it but just kept spitting it out.  Your new favorite food is mandarin oranges.  And you can down those fruit and veggie food pouches in about a minute flat.  You don't even come up for air.  :)  This is a favorite snack for me to bring when we are out and about because you can do it yourself and you love them.
- Thankfully you still have not cried when I've taken you to the nursery or BSF nursery.  I am really surprised at this but I'm not complaining.  Your brother would cry every time and for the whole time I was gone.  You are just happy to have any one's attention...I guess it doesn't matter who's it is.  :)
- You still love your excersaucer which is wonderful because there are times I definitely need you contained! 

Reagan, you are such a JOY!  You are so laid back, happy to play by yourself or with others, and just so happy all the time!  You smile at everyone and we cannot help but smile back.  We thank God for you every day!

A little comparison picture.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Westin's Actual Birthday

I feel like we have been celebrating all week!
On Tuesday, Westin's actual birthday, Reagan and I got him out of bed while singing "Happy Birthday".  He noticed balloons in the hallway and said, "Is it my birthday at my house?!"

He ran through some balloons and then got to open one present.  He added some cars to his collection!

After lunch, Daddy, Katie, Colson and Zach met us at Maggie Moos for some ice cream.  Westin requested "white ice cream with fruit snacks on top."  That translates to vanilla with gummy bears.  He didn't really like it so him and Colson got to eat a little cup of sprinkles.  :)

Zach is always so sweet to hold Reagan.

Westin napped until after five so Cody was home when he woke up.  He was able to go get him out of bed to bring him in the living room for his last presents.

He loves scooters!

At his party someone got him something we had already gotten him.  It worked out well because about a week ago he started talking about this Thomas Shark Exhibit.  On Monday, I unwrapped the toy I had hidden in the closet and exchanged it for this. He was a happy camper!

After dinner we sang to him one last time and let him blow out 3 candles.

Now every morning when he wakes up he asks if it's his birthday.  Between his party and his actual birthday, he had a lot of celebrating so I think he thinks it should just keep on happening!  :)