Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Cookie Party

Yesterday we had a fun little cookie decorating party for a few of Westin's friends.  I sooo wish we could have invited everyone but we just don't have the space.  We had it at 3:30 because we went to the nursing home that morning.  Since that time was right in the middle of naps, I had to wake Westin up and Reagan had just woken up as you can tell in the picture above.  :)

I wanted this party to be fun and stress free so I used plastic table cloths, bottled water and cookies from Harps.  Speaking of the cookies from Harps....YUM!  They are so good!  You can also buy un-iced cookies which is what I did for the party.  Each child got a monogrammed cookie to take home and two cookies to decorate.

For the party favors I made these heart hoops for the moms to take home.  I got my inspiration from HERE.

For the kid's favors they got the monogrammed cookies, the cookies they decorated and mailboxes filled with Valentine's from their friends.  We gave the boys a fun fizzy candy and the girls got a felt flower hair clip. 

I didn't follow a tutorial but I cut different sizes of felt, snipped each circle in four places and stitched it together with embroidery thread.  I hot glued the leaf on the back and then hot glued the whole flower to a clip.

What is a kid's party without suckers?

Passing out the Valentine cards.

The boys lost interest quickly in decorating cookies.  This was Westin's.  Then it was off to play!

Reagan tried her best to get some cookies but was content to eat the sprinkles off the floor.

I think my favorite part might have been after the cookies were decorated because the kids played so well together that us moms got to have actual conversations!  :)

We had so much fun!  After the last guest left, Westin said, "Mama, I had sooo much fun."  That made it all worth it!


Christy said...

What a fun idea! Glad Westin enjoyed the party.

Alex and Jill said...

LOVE it!!! Those favors for the Mamas are SO CUTE. I love having a Valentine party because it can be all store bought stuff...I never make a thing for ours. Easy, easy. And the same thing happens at our parties. I plan really short activities/crafts because they mainly just want to play in Amelia's room. :)

We should so party together. I've already bought those plates/napkins from Hobby Lobby for our party next year. HAHA!!

Love all of the pics. Super cute.

Happy Valentines Day!

Lauren said...

What a fun little party :)

The Photo Goo said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! I LOVE everything you did for it. Cookie decorating parties are the best :)

The Crowder Family said...

As always, what an adorable party! I love those little mailboxes--our kiddos have them too! The flower clips you made for the girls are precious! I love Ray Ray eating the sprinkles off the floor!!
Westin and Reagan somehow manage to get cuter every time I see them!!

Pantry Doors said...

Super cute pictures of lovely party. Happy Valentines.

Emily said...

What a fabulous party, Shannon! That first picture of your Valentines and you is great!