Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten Months-Reagan

Monthly stickers from HERE!

Yesterday Reagan turned 10 months!  Double digits!  Here are some things she is up to these days.
- You weigh 19 lbs.
- Size 3 diaper, 4 night time diaper
- Size 12 month clothes
- You still take two naps a day for a 1.5-2.5 hours each.
- You have started pulling up to standing and have even cruised around furniture.
- We lowered your crib to the lowest setting because you started standing up in it.
- You will throw you arms in the air if we say, "touchdown!"
- You still love to clap and wave.
- You learned a new word this month.  You say, "uh-oh" when you drop something or even before you drop something.  :)  Still saying "mama" "dada" "bye bye" and you try to say "night night".
- You are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!
- I cannot turn my back for one second.  You can spot a tiny piece of paper on the floor and will get to it and eat it in no time.  You are into everything.  Everything.
- When you are into something you know you shouldn't be, you throw it down and take off crawling as fast as you can if you see me coming.  It is so funny!
- You love drinking water from a sippy cup. 
- We gave you whole milk in a sippy the other day and you loved it.  This makes me happy!  Weaning will be so much easier now.
- You love to dance and clap your hands to music.
- You are pulling up on walls and doors now.  You look like Spider Man, scaling walls.
- Your hair is getting longer and darker.  It looks crazy if we don't brush it after your bath and I even have to tuck little pieces behind your ears.
- You LOVE baths and go crazy with excitement in them.  Daddy gives you baths because you give me a heart attack!
- Your favorite foods right now are turkey, chicken, shredded cheese, noodles, macaroni, talapia and peas, and carrots.  You will eat anything we give you.  You are pretty much over puffs and yogurt melts though.  You want the real food! 


You make us so happy and we love you so much!


Christy said...

I love her chevron print shirt. I can't believe she will turn 1 in 2 more months. Time sure does fly!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Such a cutie!

Julie Rogers said...

SO stinking cute:) 10 months already---time is flying!!!


Kari Beth said...

pure joy! love her!

The Photo Goo said...

That's funny W is just 3 pounds more than R! She so cute :)

Lauren said...

She is such a little cutie! Caroline is SO relaxed compared to Reagan. She sounds a lot like Riley was at that age. Fun but into EVERYTHING!

Carrie said...

You have the SMILIEST kids ever! What a cutie!

Making Each Day Count! said...

Her smile is so sweet!! She is getting big fast, hard to believe the 1 year mark is so close!

Simply Jessabells said...

Aww!! She is so cute and doing so well. Her smile is contagious!

Alex and Jill said...

Love it!! She has the best smile!!

The Crowder Family said...

She is so stinkin' cute! That is too funny about her crawling as fast as she can if you're coming!!

Kristen said...

Precious little girl!

Love that chevron top!