Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Favorite Things

This is a completely random post.  I've just been wanting to share some of my favorite things with you.  My friend, Lindsey, told me about this book.  I love the idea!  You write a sentence or two about your day and that is all.  I can handle that!  Plus, it has a space for 5 years worth of memories.  I think it will be so fun to look at over the years.

I've used it to record funny things Westin has said, milestones Reagan has reached or a simple sentence of what our day looked like.

I think I have already mentioned my love of heart Gobstoppers.

I'm loving these matryoshka dolls right now!  I first saw this teether on Lauren's blog and loved it so I got one for Reagan.  It is from THIS etsy shop.

I found some fabric on etsy and have used one of the dolls to applique on a shirt for Reagan.  I think these would be cute on burp cloths, bibs or anything!

I am also loving ferns right now!  It is hard for me not to pick one up for $4.50 every time I go to Walmart.  They just brighten up my days.

I'm loving planning Westin's big boy room.  I am getting closer to putting a bed in his room and moving him out of his crib.  It is fun planning but I'm not sure how the transition will go.  He LOVES his crib!  He has never climbed out and takes a great nap every day and sleeps all night.  I don't want to mess that up!  When I ask him if he wants a crib or big boy bed like his cousin Zach, he says crib 50% of the time.  :)

I found a fun new blog I am loving.  Lauren Makes made some cute Valentine hoops and I thought they were so cute so I made some after I saw hers.  These will be going to some great friends.

I am loving having my fabric stash organized.  Finally!

I'm loving glitter glue!  I found these at the dollar spot at Joann's Fabrics and love them!

I'm loving planning Westin's THIRD birthday party.  (And loving thinking about Reagan's first birthday!  Since hers is only 4 weeks after Westin's, I gotta get busy!)

And of course, I am loving these two precious babies!
What are some things you are loving?


Heather L. said...

I love posts like this!

My almost four year old Carter LOVED his crib - he was such a great sleeper! We switched him to a big boy bed and he did great. I was so worried, just like you!

What theme is Westin's party going to be? Love the banner!

Jodi said...

Keep him in the crib a bit longer and enjoy the fact that he stays in! Love those nesting dolls too!

Suzan said...

That was too cute about how Westin wanted Little Bill's mom! awww kids are precious. Enjoy motherhood :)

Linds said...

don't rush the crib if you don't have to! haha!I miss the crib SO much for both of my boys!

Christi said...

I appreciate you and your ideas, examples. Where did you get that book? And the gray/grey fabric for the elephant? I want to make an elephant baby gift for a family member having a baby who aires elephants. I knew it before I saw your picture but I want that fabric! :)

Shannon said...

Hi Heather! I'm hoping he transitions well too! I'm planning a Western party for Westin. :)

Shannon said...

I know I will miss it too! Westin plays in his crib for an hour sometimes before falling asleep for his nap. He also stays in it for about 30 mins after he wakes up just talking and singing. I have a feeling that will all change! :(

Mel Tales said...

Ha! I have a post in the works like this! :)

I am loving that Mom's One line a Day book! How neat!
I think of you everytime I go to Walmart and try and find the small ferns. I never can find them :( but I want a few for inside SOOO bad!

Shannon said...

They are a little hard to find. Kind of hidden with the ivy. Lowes also has them!

The Crowder Family said...

I have one of those memory books too! I just love it! Westin cracks me up! On Saturday I wrote in mine how Sarah was trying to help Jackson get in his seat for breakfast, and he punched her in the throat! Oh, man!
I love the burlap with Westin's name on it for his party! I love planning parties too--but I'm so stressed out by the time it comes! Ha!
The picture of Westin and Reagan at the bottom is precious!

I'm Cindi... said...

LOVE this, Shannon! The journal...awesome. I've decided I want to make some of those heart hoops for myself. I can't wait to see Westin's big boy room (when you finally decide to make the switch). And oh my Lord I share in the same birthday insanity you in January and one in February. It's HARD!!!

Livy said...

Where in the world did you find the Gobstoppers?

tah said...

My daughters bedding is made from the nesting dolls fabric! I LOVE it and will be sad to see it go when she moves to a big girl bed! Love your blog!!!

Lauren said...

How cool that you found fabric to match the dolls! That would be a fantastic appliqué!

I also love posts like this - so fun. HEART GOBSTOPPERS?!?!?! I must find some.