Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath

**I just realized this never posted!  Better late than never.**
When I took down our Christmas door decor, I wanted something to fill in until I put my spring door hanger on it.  I had all these items on hand which made it even better! Sorry for the blurry picture.
-Wreath from Hobby Lobby (decoration from my baby shower)
-Pink yarn
-Last name initial
-Ribbon (not pictured)

I wrapped the initial with the yarn, securing with hot glue on the back every so often.  Then I used red ribbon to tie it to the middle of the heart and hung it on the door.  Easy peasy and probably only took about ten minutes.  That is my kind of project!

It is hard to tell in the picture but the yarn is a light pink. 

I love Valentine's Day but I'm looking forward to spring!  We have had some warm days lately and it has me excited to plant flowers and be outside!


Kimberley said...

that is so cute! i want a heart-shaped wreath :)

Lauren said...

Very cute! I need to make something cute and crafty for my front door!

Joanna said...


Kelli said...

So cute Shannon and easy!
Enjoy Valentine's Day with your family!

Amy said...

So cute! I made a Ruler like yours. It doesnt look as good as yours but I love it!