Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated China Cabinet

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A few weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram (sldavis08).  Reagan was napping, Westin was destroying the house, so I decided to make a mess too.  This is pretty much how our days go around here.  (Oh, and Westin was missing his undies...which is what he looks like 90% of the time.  I think he is a nudist.)
 I wanted to play around with the china cabinet.  When we moved in it looked like this:
 It looked like that for about 7 years and then several months ago I changed it to this:

The other day I decided to just use white and silver and changed it to this:
 I think this is my favorite look so far.  I have always loved white dishes and silver. I think they go so well together too.

 I did add these little place card holders with some color.  My grandmother gave me one when I was in elementary school that I have always held on to and she sent me the other three a few months ago.  (I have four...the other one hadn't made it to the cabinet yet).  Does anyone know anything about these?  I think they are pretty old.

 While I was tinkering around the house, I added these live ferns to the shelf in the living room.
 I also updated the sofa table.  It has looked like this for several years.  I am a little surprised Westin never knocked over the glass cloche when he was learning to pull up or the many times he jumps on the couch.
Here is the updated look.  I've always loved that faux bunch of herbs with the printed burlap and apparently Westin does too because he cannot leave it alone!  There's something about it I guess.
I think I have spring fever!  We got some snow and ice yesterday and it has me ready for spring!  I'm ready to put out my Easter decor!

Mimi and Chip Winner

The winner of the Mimi and Chip personalized towels is
#68- Virginia of the McCool Family!
Congratulations!  Shoot me an email and I'll get you in touch with Megan!
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mimi and Chip Giveaway

Megan of Mimi and Chip has a fun giveaway for you today!  She has a great facebook page and by the looks of it, she can do anything!  She was so sweet to send Westin a superhero cape and Reagan a personalized towel.  I love both!!

Westin's birthday is in two weeks so I'm saving the cape for his birthday.  He will love it!  He "thinks" he is really into Batman and Spiderman.  I say "thinks" because he really has no clue who they are!  Haha!  He just knows of them and talks about them all the time.  I love this cape because it is not made out of satin like most I have seen.  For some reason I do not like the feel of satin.  :)

This will go perfect with his yellow mask he already has.

I love the towel she sent for Reagan too!  I love the turquoise and bright fun letters.

I love it hanging in her bathroom. 

Megan has offered to give away TWO personalized bath towels!  You can pick the color.  These would make such great birthday gifts, shower gifts or just for your own kids or some you know.  To be entered, you must like her facebook page HERE.  Then leave me a comment telling me you did so.  Take a look around her page because she makes some cool things!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath

**I just realized this never posted!  Better late than never.**
When I took down our Christmas door decor, I wanted something to fill in until I put my spring door hanger on it.  I had all these items on hand which made it even better! Sorry for the blurry picture.
-Wreath from Hobby Lobby (decoration from my baby shower)
-Pink yarn
-Last name initial
-Ribbon (not pictured)

I wrapped the initial with the yarn, securing with hot glue on the back every so often.  Then I used red ribbon to tie it to the middle of the heart and hung it on the door.  Easy peasy and probably only took about ten minutes.  That is my kind of project!

It is hard to tell in the picture but the yarn is a light pink. 

I love Valentine's Day but I'm looking forward to spring!  We have had some warm days lately and it has me excited to plant flowers and be outside!

Valentine Cookie Party

Yesterday we had a fun little cookie decorating party for a few of Westin's friends.  I sooo wish we could have invited everyone but we just don't have the space.  We had it at 3:30 because we went to the nursing home that morning.  Since that time was right in the middle of naps, I had to wake Westin up and Reagan had just woken up as you can tell in the picture above.  :)

I wanted this party to be fun and stress free so I used plastic table cloths, bottled water and cookies from Harps.  Speaking of the cookies from Harps....YUM!  They are so good!  You can also buy un-iced cookies which is what I did for the party.  Each child got a monogrammed cookie to take home and two cookies to decorate.

For the party favors I made these heart hoops for the moms to take home.  I got my inspiration from HERE.

For the kid's favors they got the monogrammed cookies, the cookies they decorated and mailboxes filled with Valentine's from their friends.  We gave the boys a fun fizzy candy and the girls got a felt flower hair clip. 

I didn't follow a tutorial but I cut different sizes of felt, snipped each circle in four places and stitched it together with embroidery thread.  I hot glued the leaf on the back and then hot glued the whole flower to a clip.

What is a kid's party without suckers?

Passing out the Valentine cards.

The boys lost interest quickly in decorating cookies.  This was Westin's.  Then it was off to play!

Reagan tried her best to get some cookies but was content to eat the sprinkles off the floor.

I think my favorite part might have been after the cookies were decorated because the kids played so well together that us moms got to have actual conversations!  :)

We had so much fun!  After the last guest left, Westin said, "Mama, I had sooo much fun."  That made it all worth it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten Months-Reagan

Monthly stickers from HERE!

Yesterday Reagan turned 10 months!  Double digits!  Here are some things she is up to these days.
- You weigh 19 lbs.
- Size 3 diaper, 4 night time diaper
- Size 12 month clothes
- You still take two naps a day for a 1.5-2.5 hours each.
- You have started pulling up to standing and have even cruised around furniture.
- We lowered your crib to the lowest setting because you started standing up in it.
- You will throw you arms in the air if we say, "touchdown!"
- You still love to clap and wave.
- You learned a new word this month.  You say, "uh-oh" when you drop something or even before you drop something.  :)  Still saying "mama" "dada" "bye bye" and you try to say "night night".
- You are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!
- I cannot turn my back for one second.  You can spot a tiny piece of paper on the floor and will get to it and eat it in no time.  You are into everything.  Everything.
- When you are into something you know you shouldn't be, you throw it down and take off crawling as fast as you can if you see me coming.  It is so funny!
- You love drinking water from a sippy cup. 
- We gave you whole milk in a sippy the other day and you loved it.  This makes me happy!  Weaning will be so much easier now.
- You love to dance and clap your hands to music.
- You are pulling up on walls and doors now.  You look like Spider Man, scaling walls.
- Your hair is getting longer and darker.  It looks crazy if we don't brush it after your bath and I even have to tuck little pieces behind your ears.
- You LOVE baths and go crazy with excitement in them.  Daddy gives you baths because you give me a heart attack!
- Your favorite foods right now are turkey, chicken, shredded cheese, noodles, macaroni, talapia and peas, and carrots.  You will eat anything we give you.  You are pretty much over puffs and yogurt melts though.  You want the real food! 


You make us so happy and we love you so much!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Favorite Things

This is a completely random post.  I've just been wanting to share some of my favorite things with you.  My friend, Lindsey, told me about this book.  I love the idea!  You write a sentence or two about your day and that is all.  I can handle that!  Plus, it has a space for 5 years worth of memories.  I think it will be so fun to look at over the years.

I've used it to record funny things Westin has said, milestones Reagan has reached or a simple sentence of what our day looked like.

I think I have already mentioned my love of heart Gobstoppers.

I'm loving these matryoshka dolls right now!  I first saw this teether on Lauren's blog and loved it so I got one for Reagan.  It is from THIS etsy shop.

I found some fabric on etsy and have used one of the dolls to applique on a shirt for Reagan.  I think these would be cute on burp cloths, bibs or anything!

I am also loving ferns right now!  It is hard for me not to pick one up for $4.50 every time I go to Walmart.  They just brighten up my days.

I'm loving planning Westin's big boy room.  I am getting closer to putting a bed in his room and moving him out of his crib.  It is fun planning but I'm not sure how the transition will go.  He LOVES his crib!  He has never climbed out and takes a great nap every day and sleeps all night.  I don't want to mess that up!  When I ask him if he wants a crib or big boy bed like his cousin Zach, he says crib 50% of the time.  :)

I found a fun new blog I am loving.  Lauren Makes made some cute Valentine hoops and I thought they were so cute so I made some after I saw hers.  These will be going to some great friends.

I am loving having my fabric stash organized.  Finally!

I'm loving glitter glue!  I found these at the dollar spot at Joann's Fabrics and love them!

I'm loving planning Westin's THIRD birthday party.  (And loving thinking about Reagan's first birthday!  Since hers is only 4 weeks after Westin's, I gotta get busy!)

And of course, I am loving these two precious babies!
What are some things you are loving?