Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Decor

This post will be mostly pictures (which is always better than my ramblings anyways) and I think I just heard Westin wake up so I better hurry.  I put out my Valentine's Day decor a couple of weeks ago and snapped some pictures.  Westin is having a small Valentine's party for a few friends in a few weeks and I'm so excited about it!
First up, the kitchen.

I love changing out these metal signs for the holidays but I think I'm ready for something new in this place.  Just not sure what yet.

These S&P shakers are from Cracker Barrel a few years ago.

I moved the candy dish over here.  These chocolates are long gone and have been replaced with Heart Gobstoppers.  YUM! I thought I had pinned this print but now I can't find it.  If anyone knows the source please let me know.  I feel terrible I can't link to it!
UPDATE:  Thank you Kelly for posting the link in the comments.

Dining Room

Cheapest and fastest garland there is.  Bakers twine with heart doilies.

This subway print is from HERE.

On the mantle the only think I added was some gold hearts.  I found them in my Christmas ornament box but kept them out for Valentine's Day.  I hung them on clear command hooks.

I also added one on the chalkboard behind the sink.

I think I kept it kind of simple this year which is fine by me.  I'm not sure what possessed me to have a Valentine party with Westin's party in March and Reagan's first birthday in April.  At least it will be fun to party! :)  I'm so excited to start planning their birthday parties!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sewing Club and Valentine Shirts

Our friend, Kari Beth, asked a few of us if we wanted to start a sew club and we jumped at the chance!  She probably didn't know what she was getting into since she barely got to work on her own clothes since we kept asking so many questions.  :)  She was so sweet to teach us how to make ruffle pants!  It took us from 8pm-12am one night and 8pm-10pm the next night to finish our first pair but it was worth it!

I made these to go with a shirt I already had for Reagan.  If you look closely you will notice the tiny hearts are upside down.  :)  But overall, I was so pleased with them and so excited they actually fit Reagan!  (Sorry about the iPhone pictures)

I won't be doing a tutorial since we used a pattern and I don't think the pattern creator would be happy with that.  :)  I had never used a pattern for anything before but this was so easy to follow.  HERE is the link. 

I was so excited about these pants, I made two more pairs last week and got a little faster each time.  I loved this bird fabric when I saw it at Joann's and definitely wanted to make some out of it.

I used the same process I talked about HERE to make a matching shirt.

Our sewing club meets every Monday night around 7:45-8 and we rotate houses.  We met last night and started on a ruffle bib shirt.  We took a picture of our finished pants.  My original ones were in the washing machine so I took the bird ones.  We have a list of things we want to sew.  A skirt, kitchen towel, maybe a dress for adults and more!

Using the same process I linked to above, I made Reagan and Westin a Valentine shirt.

Reagan's shirt matches some pants she already had and I had to add a little bit of the bird fabric I love so much.  :)

Boy shirts are getting hard for me!  Since he is getting a little older, I have to think a little harder on how to make sure his shirts don't look babyish, cheesy or even feminine.  Don't look too close.  I still have a lot to learn on sewing circles and not making my back stitch look so crazy.  :)

Sewing can be so fun and addicting!  I would love to hear about any fun sewing projects you have been working on and leave the link in the comments if you can.  Thanks! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our World Market Trip Turned Adventure

Hello!  How have I not blogged in over a week?!  The days are just flying by.  A few friends and I started a sewing group and we are meeting once a week to sew and it has been so fun!  I'm a little addicted to making ruffle pants now though.  That is what has been filling all my spare time!

My mom and I decided to go to a World Market that is 3.5 hours from me.  We had never been but heard great things about it and wanted to see for ourselves!  We loved it!  It is such a fun store!

It was described to me to be about the size of a large Old Navy and that was a great comparison.  However, I am sure they are all different sizes.  After we went to World Market we looked on the radar and saw snow was coming so we decided to go to Crate and Barrel and then head home.  Well, ten minutes on the road home, we saw this.

It was almost immediate and was a mixture of snow and ice.  After we drove/slid 3.5 hours and had not even made it half way, we decided to pull over for the night.  Unfortunately there is about two choices of hotels between here and there.

We picked the choice with doors on the inside of the building but it was still not a pleasant experience.  We had nothing but we were able to make it to a Walmart to get a toothbrush, pajamas for Reagan and some baby food.

The next morning the roads were pretty clear so we came straight home to take showers and eat lunch.  :) 

Now, on to the fun part!  Here are some pictures of my finds.

I can always use chalkboard labels!

I just love this cute kitchen towel and these bird wooden spoons.

I've lost several measure spoons (how does that even happen?) so I picked up a new set and some fun jars.

I don't need a sugar and cream set but I will probably use these to hold flowers or just use them for display somewhere.

I got Westin and Reagan an Easter basket.  I might attempt to sew liners for these!

My favorite find was one I didn't even plan on getting but when I saw this rug, I couldn't pass it up.

We needed a new rug in our kitchen and I just love this one.

Overall, we had a wonderful adventure!  Reagan couldn't have been better (well, she could have slept all night, but who would in that crib?) and we have a fun story to tell.  :)  World Market was great, although they didn't have any Valentine stuff out yet (or maybe it was all gone) and I am already looking forward to going back!  But probably when the weather is warm and no chance of snow.  :)  Thanks, Mom for always being willing to go anywhere with me! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nine Months-Reagan

Monthly Stickers from HERE

- Today at your 9 month well check you weighed 18.7lbs (50%).
- You are 27.56 inches long (50%).
- Size 3 diapers, size 4 nighttime diaper
- Size 12month clothes and some 9-12month
- You have had a BIG month!
- Right after you turned 8 months you started sitting up from laying down.
- You have crawled a few times on your hands and knees but you still army crawl everywhere.
- It is so funny to see you crawling all over the house.  You love trying to get back to Westin's room when he is sleeping.  :)
- You pulled up to your knees in your crib.
- You started waving and saying "bye bye".  When we are walking out of the house to go somewhere, you start waving and saying "bye bye."
- You say "Mama", "Dada" and "bye bye".
- You dance anytime you hear music.
- You have dropped baby food and now only eat table food.  Your favorites are turkey, cheese, bread, dry pancakes, peas, carrots, corn, cereal bars and basically anything I put on your tray.  You haven't turned your nose up to any food as long as you can pick it up and put it in your mouth.  You get very excited if you see me get the Puffs container out.  You still like Mum Mums but you would prefer real food.
- Still nursing 4-5 times a day but also eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- You take a morning and afternoon nap with your afternoon nap ranging anywhere from 1.5-3+ hours.
- You still love taking a bath but we have cut back to a bath every other day because you are getting dry skin.  You've been taking more baths with Brother and that just adds to the fun!
- This past month you celebrated your first Christmas and tried to eat every single piece of wrapping paper you could find!
- You finally laugh out loud now when we tickle you! 
- You also got your first tooth on December 31st.  Almost the exact same age Westin got his first tooth.
- You love playing with all your new toys from Christmas and you still love bouncing in your excersaucer.
- You still love going to nursery and Bible study.
- Getting a non-blurry picture of you is almost impossible!  You are constantly on the go!

Reagan, you are such a happy girl and you make us smile all day long!  We love you so much!  Thank you, Lord for this precious gift.

Westin at 9 months.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Westin's Canvas

Happy New Year!  I feel like I cannot get back in the groove of things.  We have been enjoying sleeping in, playing at home and really not having much of anything to do.  All that changes next week with MDO and BSF starting back.  I'm looking forward to it!
A long, long, long time ago I posted this picture on instagram (sldavis08).  This was an old canvas Westin painted awhile ago and I put the white stickers on top of it.

I wanted the canvas to be white but the letters to be the colorful painting.  Well, as you can see, it did not turn out very well.  I was spray painting it white and the letters kept blowing off and it just wasn't covering at all.

So we went back to the basics.  I spray painted over all of it with white and made a blank canvas.  (You can see Halloween decor in the back ground so you know how long ago we did this.) :)

I put new stickers over the white canvas and had Westin paint over them.  He got a little carried away!  He went straight to the bath. 

You can kind of see the stickers in the picture above.  While it was drying I pulled the letters off with a toothpick.  Once it was completely dry, we hung it in Westin's room in his little reading nook.

It matches his other canvas we did a long time ago.  HERE is that post with more step by step instructions.

I love doing projects like this with Westin and I think he enjoys it too!  :)