Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Living Room Christmas Decor

Thank you all for praying for Reagan!  She is improving every hour.  I really appreciate all your kind comments and your prayers.  We definitely felt them! 

I have been trying to post our Christmas decor for a few weeks now.  :)  Life has a way of getting in the way but that is okay.  Since some of my pictures on my blog are now big black squares (still have no idea what caused this!) I couldn't see what I did last year.  I can not remember how I had our sofa table, shelves or dining room table last year but I'm happy with how things came together this year.  I think it is a little more simple.  Westin has loved having all the decorations out which makes it so fun!

When we get more Santa pictures through the years I plan on making a garland out of them.  It's fun to see the changes! 

The chalkboard print is from HERE

This milkglass bowl is from my Grandmother and it holds some ornaments from their first Christmas tree when they got married.

My mantle has pretty much always looked like this.  We did get to add a stocking this year though.  :)  I still need to get it monogrammed.  And I have replaced the lights since they slowly went out last week.  I think the most asked question I get every year is about the nativity set.  Unfortunately I have never seen them again at Hobby Lobby since I bought it many years ago.  It is a large set that I bought for 90% off one year after Christmas.  Joseph is 13" tall! 

I love this hand painted sign I got at a local craft fair a few years ago.

Our chalkboard got a Christmas phrase.  The words are not spaced very good and it's a little crooked but I can live with it.  :)  It is hard to write on a giant chalkboard.  Haha!

Next up, our kitchen and dining room!


Giggles said...

I love the heirloom bowl with the special ornaments. I would love to have some of those treasures to do something special like that. The rest of your decor is very nice too but that is my favorite so far!

Jennifer said...

I love that hand painted sign! You don't happen to know the name of the person that painted it?

Trennia Hedges said...

It's all very beautiful ! I love the hand painted sign too! and your chalkboard looks Fab!

The Java Mama said...

Love it Shannon as always you have a beautiful home!

The Crowder Family said...

As always, everything is so pretty! I love your chalkboard sign! And I really love the FOUR stockings!

Mellisa said...

Oh I think it would be beautiful to see some of that gold in there, I bet it would warm up the room and be a lovely compliment to your color scheme!