Monday, December 10, 2012

Eight Months-Reagan

I meant to post this last week but didn't get to.
Monthly stickers from HERE.

Reagan, you are a girl on the go!  You are still so happy all the time and such an easy going baby.  Here are some things you are up to right now:

- We took you to the Dr. last week for a cold and you were 18 lbs 2 oz!
- Size 3 diaper and size 4 night time.  Could probably go up to a size 4 day time diaper! 
- Size 9-12 month clothes.
- You take two naps a day. 
- You nurse about every 3-4 hours. 
- You eat baby food at dinner (almost the whole jar) and usually follow it up with a Mum Mum.  :)  Now that you are eight months I'll try to get you on more of a schedule with eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.  :)  Poor second child.
- You say "mama" a lot.
- You still like your excersaucer because you love to jump!
- You really want to crawl!  You army crawl all over the house but lately you have been up on your hands and knees all the time.
- You smile all day long but those giggles and laughs are still few and far between.  It is so funny!  It is like you are laughing with your whole body but no sound comes out.
- My Aunt called you a "polite crier" and that describes you perfectly.  You cry with your mouth closed so it is a quiet, muffled cry.  Haha!  I'm not complaining about this!  :)
- You've never taken a bottle, paci or sucked your thumb. 
- Still no teeth!  Your brother got his first tooth at 9 months.
- You love bath time and get so excited when you hear the water running! 
- You still love going to nursery at church and BSF.  I'm so thankful for this! 

Reagan, you are just so fun!  We love you so much!

Westin at 8 months.


Jodi said...

She is adorable! She always looks so happy and sweet! ;)

Kacee said...

she's a doll!!! i love that she is a "polite cryer!" that's precious! this is my 2nd year with BSF and my kids are loving it too!! i can't wait to have one in the nursery next year!! where do you go to BSF?

Jessabells said...

Aww,she is so cute. I hope she is feeling better.

emily said...

She's precious! I hope she's feeling better. Been thinking of you all.

Katie said...

They are identical! It's so unbelievable. Love those smiles! Hope Ray Ray is feeling better and better. Westin, too!

Linds said...

they look SO much alike! Love how smiley she is!

I'm Cindi... said...

Look at what a big girl she's getting to be!!! The seventh-eighth month was huge in our's the age when they both started sitting up and getting teeth. There was something about that age with both of mine. Ahhh...feels like yesterday. What a precious girl, Shannon!!! Happy 8 month birthday, Reagan!