Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tree

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We put our Christmas tree up the week before Thanksgiving.  We go out of town for Thanksgiving so I love coming home to a decorated house.

We put it in the dining room again.  I just really love having it in here!  I can see it from the living room and kitchen but it is a little more out of the way so the kids are not bothering it all day.  We don't have a play room so we play in the living room all day long.  We need the space to roll around and play.  I (my Dad and Cody) also potted it (with cement) in a garden urn when we bought it. 

The burlap tree skirt was a gift last year from Sweet Tea and Linen.  Love it!

Our tree and topper has looked like this since we got married 8 years ago.  I still love it but I am slowly adding in white to the mix of lime, red and gold ornaments.

Here are a few of my favorite sentimental ornaments.  The salt dough handprint (Westin) and footprint (Reagan) are my new favorites added this year!

I buy a new ornament each year for us as couple and Westin and Reagan.  I try to get it to coordinate with the tree.  :)  I started buying monogrammed ornaments a few years ago and I love that.  So I try to find a "D" for us each year.

This book page ornament is our ornament for this year.  I am going to add a "D" to it.

Westin is getting a bike this year so I got him this red tricycle ornament.

Reagan has the "Baby's 1st" ornament.

This fish is from our Hawaii trip we took back in 2005.

This Santa ornament is from a cruise we did in 2007.

Westin got a tree this year!  I was a little surprised myself that I bought him colored lights but I remembered how much I loved colored lights on my tree in my room when I was growing up.  He said it was "beautiful" when he saw it so I think he likes it too.

We have since made salt dough ornaments for his tree but he insists on sleeping with them every night so they are in his bed.  :)

More Christmas decoration pics coming soon!


Mollie said...

Love your tree skirt!!

Anonymous said...

could you post or email me @ your salt dough recipe/instructions for the ornaments? TIA!

Kacee said...

just stumbled across your blog!!
we had planned to make the handprint ornaments yesterday, but ran out of time! i can't wait to try it with my boys!! your house is gorgeous! can't wait to read more!!

Leslie said...

I love that he is sleeping with his ornaments! My son is almost 13 and when I woke him up the other morning, I found a stuffed snowman in the bottom of his bed. You kind of hope they never grow out of that!

Kelli said...

Beautiful tree Shannon. Your home is beatiful.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I had a small tree with lights in my room growing up, too, and put one in my girls' room for the same reason! They also sleep with the little Dora ornaments on theirs. Two year olds are a riot! ;)

I'm Cindi... said...

Just gorgeous, Shannon!

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