Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Kitchen and Dining Room Decor

The kitchen is always fun to decorate and just puts me in the baking mood.  :)  I love decorating with Santas and if it is a glittered Santa, then even better!

Sorry these pics are kind of blurry and dark.  I'm not sure what was going on.  The picture below is before I changed the chalkboard in the living room.

I keep all our Christmas cards in this little snowman wall pocket.  Next year I might do something different though because I love being able to see the cards.

I love this hand painted pie dish from a craft fair and the vintage Santa sleigh.  Westin has been dying for one of these candy canes but they are about 3-4 years old!  I just pack them up after Christmas and store them in the Christmas bins until next year.  :)  I did buy him some new mini candy canes though. 

This was my favorite Christmas decoration last year and I think it is again this year.  I love THIS print from Jones Design Company and these are my favorite ornaments. I stuck a bow and small ornament on the frame with sticky tack.

The other night we did a little hand print snowman family with Westin and Reagan.  It was a chore getting Reagan's hand print!  :)

In our dining room I hung the "JOY" letters that we made last month in my bunco group and added some trees to the china cabinet..

I hung these little greenery swags up with some command strips and added the feathers and giant ornament.

One of my favorite ornaments is this coconut nativity from Hawaii.

These little stockings on the back of the chairs have been a little too tempting for W and R.  Westin likes to run by and swing them and Reagan likes to crawl under them and chew on the bell.  So they are usually flipped up over the chair, out of reach.

I thought the candles were a little plain so I added some burlap ribbon and secured it with an upholstery tack.

Thank you for being patient with me!  I'm still slowly but surely working through my emails.  I haven't gotten to respond to any the past couple of days since Reagan got sick.  Just know I am praying for you all and will respond!

Also, please scroll down to THIS post and see if you won the Unfading Beauty giveaway.  If I do not hear from the winner by my next post (hopefully in a day or so) then I will announce a new winner.


Jessabells said...

Your home looks beautiful. Have a wonderful holiday.


Amy Horton said...

Your Christmas decorations are very cute. Your home looks so nice and comfy:) And your babies are just precious! Merry Christmas!

Bella said...

You always have the cutest decorations! I just got the Willow Tree nativity, the small set, last year and am planning on adding a piece each year. I love those. I am SO with you on the handprint with the little ones, I just tried one with my little girl (7.5 months old) and I had to redo it several times :-) Good thing it was molding stuff that was redo-able.

The Crowder Family said...

Your home is always so beautiful! I love looking at all of your touches at Christmas! I just adore the "a savior has been born to you" plate. And the precious fingerprint snowmen are wonderful! Too funny about glittered Santas!