Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This post has a ridiculous amount of pictures in it.  :)  We had a great Thanksgiving!  Cody had to work on Friday so he didn't get to finish the weekend with us but we still made the best of it.  We started off at Cody's parent's house.  They built this fun two story fort for the grandkids.

Reagan was sleeping so I got a rare picture with my first baby.

The picture below cracks me up.  This is what he does when he hears something.  He puts his hand on his head like he is listening.  He just doesn't understand that his hand should be behind his ear.  :)

Westin and his cousin Bentley in their turkey shirts.

I guess Westin likes this pumpkin.  He grabbed it this year and it reminded me of this picture from last year:

Reagan finally woke up!  We got a family picture on Reagan's first Thanksgiving.

A little different from last year's family picture:

We finished the weekend in Hot Springs at my grandparent's house.

Westin was content to just ride.  Reagan wanted to drive!

This Japaneese Maple tree was so pretty!

I tried to get a picture of us under it but 50 pictures later, this was the best we got. 

My face below says it all.  Either one child was looking and one wasn't or a dog walked in the picture.  :)

Westin thought the wall was better for jumping off anyways.  (My Dad just built these walls the past week!)

Westin chased Frosty the cat around all day.  He was happy to finally catch up to her to pet her.

Reagan barely made any pictures but I guess when she's awake I just don't have a hand to take any pictures!  :)  We had a fun, relaxing Thanksgiving.  It is good to be home though and I was happy to come home to a house already decorated for Christmas.  We took the kids to see Santa today and they loved it!  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too! 


destiny said...

Your Thanksgiving looks so nice! I loved seeing all the pictures and the flashbacks from last year. It's so fun to look back and see how things have changed.
Have a great week!

The Crowder Family said...

What wonderful pictures!! I love the one of you and Westin, and the picture with the four of y'all in the tree house is great!

Jennifer said...

Where is your necklace from that has the fabric flowers on it? It is too cute!

Katie said...

What a fun fort! I know W loved it!

Love the picture of him jumping off the wall at Grammy's.