Friday, November 9, 2012

7 Months-Reagan

Monthly stickers found HERE

On Sunday the 4th, Reagan turned 7 months old. Here are some things Miss Ray Ray is up to:

Your 6 month appointment was last week so I know how much you weigh now.
- 17lbs 7oz (75%) and 75% in height as well.  I can't remember exact inches but I have it written in your baby book.
- Size 3 diaper, size 4 night diaper
- Size 9-12 month clothes
- Nurse about every 3 hours
- Two naps a day
- You go to bed around 7:30-8 and get up at least once to eat and wake up around 7:30.
- You sleep in a sleep sack at night but not for naps.
- You are pretty much a sitter!  I don't walk off without a pillow behind you though.
- You have also started army crawling!  You pull yourself around with your arms. You also pull your knees up under you sometimes but you don't push your arms up yet.
- You are finally starting to enjoy baby food after a month of trying.  You will eat about half a jar at one sitting.  I made your first batch of food but since you hated it I just give you jars now.  Second child I guess.  :)
- You are on the go!  You reach for everything and want to be right in the middle of the action.
- You are still SO happy and smiley which I love.  Your giggles and laughs are still few and far between which is so funny.  You smile so big but no sound comes out. 
- Just like your brother, you love being groomed.  You love when I brush your hair and clean out your ears and nose.  :)
- You love bath and usually splash so much I'm as wet as you.  You must have a wet washcloth in your mouth during the whole bath.  You usually try to steal the one I'm using too.
- You babble a lot and have babbled "mamamama" when fussy and "dadadada" when happy.  Of course.
- You still love going to church nursery and BSF nursery.
- You are happy, happy, happy!

It was so hard getting your picture this month!! You wanted to eat that sticker so bad!  We love you so much and cannot imagine our family without you.  You are a precious gift from God!  Happy 7 months!


Ashley Hall said...

I love reading your blog! My youngest is just a few weeks younger than your Reagan. She's a cutie!

Bella said...

She is adorable! So can I ask, since this is my first go you use a specific night time diaper that you like better? And is there a bonus to going up a size for night time? Can they go longer? I use all different kinds, on Luvs and Target diapers right now and I can't seem to use Luvs at night as they seem to get very full after only a few hours.

The Crowder Family said...

Reagan is just the cutest! But I think you need to go back and take more pictures of her since not one of these had her tongue sticking out!!

Mer said...

She really looks like W in that top picture. They are so beautiful!

Shannon said...

Haha! Very true!

Living A Dream Together said...

You have such cute kids!

Kelli said...

What a cutie she is!

emily said...

She's a doll!

Christi said...

She is such a doll baby. So precious!

The Photo Goo said...

I love that bottom picture, so cute!

destiny said...

She is just so precious!!! Cute pictures!