Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Kitchen

I didn't do as much in my kitchen either this year.  I have always loved this treat jar that I got at Hallmark several years ago.

The only thing I added behind my sink was some faux leaves under the candles.

My little pumpkin men are on top of the china cabinet.

This print is from HERE.

My treat jars are now filled with these ghosts.  I found the idea HERE and they will be given to Westin's class mates for Halloween.

I do have my Lori C. Mitchell trick or treaters in our guest bathroom but I cannot get a good picture in there since there is no light. 

To see some previous decor go HERE, HERE


emily said...

I like the "understated" look! As always, I love your style!

I'm sure W's friends will be excited to receive those ghosts!

Liz said...

Your "not much" is my LOTS! Your touches in your house are always so cute and special looking. :)

The Crowder Family said...

So cute, Shannon! I love the little ghost pops that you made! When we were little, my mom taught us how to make those, and it was always a favorite treat!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Very cute! Thanks for passing along the link for the subway art!

Kelli said...

Love your subway art along with all of your other decoratings. I really like your treat jar.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Julie Rogers said...

I love those little pumpkin men---where did you get them?!?!


west perth electrition said...

Simple, cute, elegant and striking Halloween design! I'll make some ghost lollipops treats this Halloween.