Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Our Backyard-Gardening Questions

Before I take up my geraniums and plant some mums and pansies in our flower pots, I wanted to post some pictures of what we had blooming in our backyard this summer.  It was a brutally hot summer so some plants didn't do as well as they could have but overall, we still got some beautiful flowers.   Planting, watering, and taking care of plants can be addictive.  I'm always on the look out for new plants to try and ways to make my flower beds look better.

My limelights burned up almost immediately after blooming, but my new vanilla strawberry hydrangea did pretty good!  It gets a little more shade so some of the blooms did their thing and turned dark pink before they died.  I'm excited to see this plant next year since this was my first year having it.  The blooms are bright white for a few weeks and then turn pink for a few weeks before eventually dying.

I think my flower pots suffered the most in the heat.  They are actually looking better than ever now that we have had some cooler, overcast days.

My grandmother gave me the hibiscus tree (above) from her garden room.  It was just twigs but with a little sun and water it grew leaves and has had several blooms.

I'm still debating on if I want to mess with bringing these trees in for the winter.  They are almost like babies and I don't want to just let them die!  Haha!  Has anyone done this?  Any tips?

I have only had 4 hummingbirds this year but they are always out there fighting and drinking.  I have had to refill the feeder more times then I can count.  They are pretty aggressive and even dove at a red popsicle I was eating one time!

The cutting rose did pretty good this summer too.  I was very surprised (because of the heat).  I'm still learning about all the plants but it seems like the more you prune these, the more they grow.

We play outside almost every morning and evening.  I posted the picture above on facebook because we spent almost a whole day looking for that little man.  That is Westin's scuba diver and it is a favorite toy right now that he had to take a bath with twice a day.  He loves scuba divers!  He watches Finding Nemo just for the 10 seconds that a scuba diver is on there.  Anyway, he put him in the outlet cover and forgot.  So when bath time rolled around he could not remember where he was.  We looked everywhere, including the neighbor's yards.

That evening Cody saw him (thank goodness!) and told Westin where it was.  This was Westin getting him out and looking very happy that he was found.  :) 
These cooler temps have me excited about fall!  I bought some mums to plant and I'm hoping to get my fall decor out tomorrow while Westin is at MDO.  This is probably a dumb question but do you plant your mums in the ground?  I've always put them in pots.  I'm thinking about planting them in the ground this year so they will come back next year.  My question is, what do they look like during the winter?  Do they disappear completely (like hostas) or do they look like dead twigs?  This will help me determine where to plant them.  Thanks!


Joanne said...

If you plant the Mums in the ground they will die off and it will look like twigs. In the spring you trim the dead twigs down and then they will re-grow each year and they will become larger plants.

Olga said...

It was pretty hot and dry around here too. The petunias and the merigolds I planted didn't bloom very well until the weather cooled down a bit and we got a bit of rain. I watered as often as I could. My pots faired better. Good question about the mums, I've always done the same. I thank your friend Joanne for tips on how to care for them in the ground.

Brittany said...

They look pretty bad in winter time. Mine usually bloom late spring and if I'm lucky, in the fall, too. I usually don't trim the back, and they still bloom. Jeremy hates them because of how tey look all winter long!

Angie S. said...

My mums are planted in the ground, and I trim them back once they are done blooming in late fall. I just make sure they are well mulched to withstand cold Ohio winters, and they come back every year. Hope that helps!!

The Crowder Family said...

I always love seeing pictures of your beautiful garden! And I love Westin stories too! He is so funny! I'm glad Cody found his scuba diver!

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