Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Living Room and Dining Room

Every year I put out less and less seasonal decor.  I think it is the season of life we are in because there is just no time.  Maybe one day I'll go all out like I used to.  But I do like to make it festive for Westin (and me.)  :)
I had a brilliant idea the other day.  Why not pick up those pretty leaves in our front yard and make a garland?!  I spent a few minutes taping them onto some twine and hung it up on the fireplace.  I was so happy with it and even showed it off to Cody asking him how cute it was.  :)

Um, that brilliant idea should have been thought out a little.  I totally forgot about the fact that those leaves would dry out and curl up and turn brown.  In one day.  Duh!  So plan B.  Use fake leaves I already have.

Maybe not as natural looking but I still like it.  Live and learn!

Fall print from HERE.

I got this old laundry basket from Antique Farmhouse.  I have always wanted one and every time I saw one in a flea market it would always say "not for sale."  I haven't done anything with it yet but I hope to make a liner (or hire someone to do that!  :) ) and use it for actual laundry or toys.  Not sure yet.

Up next, the fall kitchen!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Skaklee Winners

The two winners of the Shaklee Basic H2 cleaner samples are:
1.  Mrs. RBC (comment #32)
2.  Catherine (comment #19)

Please email me at row35401 at yahoo dot com and I will forward your info to Wendy.  Thanks to everyone who entered!
If you want to check out all the Shaklee products, click HERE.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Westin's First Trip to the Dentist

Don't forget to scroll down to enter the Shaklee giveaway.

Westin had a dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago and he was so excited to go!  He loves the Bubble Guppies episode where they go to the dentist so he was really looking forward to it.

He was in heaven when we got there and he saw it was ocean themed!  He walked all over the crowed waiting room yelling and pointing, "A scuba diver!  Nemo!  A shark!  Pirate ship!"  He is very much into scuba divers right now for some reason.  :)

He did great until she started leaning the chair back.  Then he wanted nothing to do with it.  He even ripped off his bib and threw it on the floor.  :)  So I sat in the chair with him and he let them do the exam and brush his teeth.  I was so proud of him!  I admit, I was very nervous taking him since I figured he would freak out.

The hygienist had obviously never seen a blogger before.  She thought it was hilarious I had a camera at a dentist appointment!  She literally could not get over it.  She got into it though because she took like 8 pictures of us.  Haha!  He got a t-shirt and some stickers afterward so he was a happy boy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shaklee Review and Giveaway

When Wendy from Shaklee contacted me to see if I wanted to review and giveaway the Basic H2 Super Cleaner I was so excited!  I have heard about Shaklee from other blogs and have always wanted to try it.  I've been using it for a few weeks and I can honestly say I love it!  I love having a non-toxic, strong cleaner that I clean anything with!

Wendy contacted me at the perfect time because I have been thinking about making more natural cleaners since I have two kids who are into everything or chewing on everything.  I had heard mixed reviews about the home made cleaners since they aren't very strong.  That was my main concern with the Shaklee and I can tell you, it works! 

See that tiny little vile up in the picture?  That made two 16oz spray bottles worth of cleaner!  It is super concentrated so it only takes 2 drops mixed with water to make a window and mirror cleaner and 1/4 tsp for an all purpose cleaner.  That's it!

Shaklee's 16 oz bottle of the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate creates 48 gallons of all purpose cleaner!  Forty eight gallons for $12.15. 

Some great things the Concentrate will clean:
-BBQ grill grunge
-Sticky countertops
-Crayoned walls
-Kitchen appliances
-Bathroom fixtures
-Dusty tables
-Spilled juice
-Remote controls (perfect since this is Reagan's favorite chew toy)
-Kitchen sinks
-Veggie drawer

And so much more!  Mix 2 oz with a gallon of water for a super degreaser.

They have sooo many more products but you will have to just go HERE to check them out.  There is no way I could cover them all.  :)

Want to win a sample vile like mine above?  Follow Wendy's blog HERE and leave me a comment telling me you do.  I will randomly pick TWO winners Thursday evening.  You will not be disappointed!  This giveaway is open to US residents only.  Thank you and good luck!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Football Shirt and Turkey Shirt

Thanks for all the ideas on getting Westin to smile in our upcoming pictures!  I'll definitely be using some of them! 

The other night Elizabeth came over and we made football shirts for Westin and Asa.  It's kind of hard to tell in the picture but the football is a tiny brown corduroy and I think it makes it so much cuter than just plain brown fabric.  It's also a little hard to tell but the shirt is red, which in my book makes it a "Hog" shirt without saying "Hogs."

I decided to make Reagan a turkey shirt using the brown cord and some scraps I had left over from other projects.  My friend, Kari Beth, will be making her some ruffle pants to match.  I can't wait until she can wear this!  Probably the day after Halloween.  :)  I made Westin a turkey shirt like this last year (with boy fabrics, obviously) so I might have to make him another one too.  HERE is his shirt....goodness, he looks like a baby!

Also, do you know where I can find solid color shirts for Reagan that are not onesies?  I can't seem to find any in 9 months.  They seem to start at 12 months.  I just kind of like the look of separates instead of onesies with pants.  :) 

Be on the look out for some giveaways this week! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hogs and Smiles

That is a pretty odd title after our game on Saturday but win or lose, we will always be Hog fans.  The humiliating loses are a little tougher to handle though.  Westin still wore his Hog shirt proudly.

The irony was not lost on me that I made a shirt that declared my love for the Hogs while watching the 52-0 disaster unfold on TV.  It is hard being a Razorback fan.  There's always next week I guess.

I made the shirt using THIS freezer paper transfer method.  To get the graphics, I googled "razorback clip art" and "love graphic" and then traced them on the freezer paper right off the computer screen.

Sunday morning I snapped a few pictures of Reagan since she is at such a smiley age.

I asked Cody to take a picture of the two of us since Sunday may or may not be the only day I don't wear my hair in a pony tail and have make up on. :)

These pictures of Westin make me nervous for our family pictures next month.  He will do almost anything but smile at the camera. 

He purposefully looks away or better yet, does what he calls his "pretty smile."  That is debatable.  Ha!

Anybody have any tricks to get him to cooperate?  Right now I'm thinking I will ask my mom to come with us and dangle peppermints (Westin's favorite candy) over the photographer's head as a bribe.  :)  I'm open to all suggestions!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Our Backyard-Gardening Questions

Before I take up my geraniums and plant some mums and pansies in our flower pots, I wanted to post some pictures of what we had blooming in our backyard this summer.  It was a brutally hot summer so some plants didn't do as well as they could have but overall, we still got some beautiful flowers.   Planting, watering, and taking care of plants can be addictive.  I'm always on the look out for new plants to try and ways to make my flower beds look better.

My limelights burned up almost immediately after blooming, but my new vanilla strawberry hydrangea did pretty good!  It gets a little more shade so some of the blooms did their thing and turned dark pink before they died.  I'm excited to see this plant next year since this was my first year having it.  The blooms are bright white for a few weeks and then turn pink for a few weeks before eventually dying.

I think my flower pots suffered the most in the heat.  They are actually looking better than ever now that we have had some cooler, overcast days.

My grandmother gave me the hibiscus tree (above) from her garden room.  It was just twigs but with a little sun and water it grew leaves and has had several blooms.

I'm still debating on if I want to mess with bringing these trees in for the winter.  They are almost like babies and I don't want to just let them die!  Haha!  Has anyone done this?  Any tips?

I have only had 4 hummingbirds this year but they are always out there fighting and drinking.  I have had to refill the feeder more times then I can count.  They are pretty aggressive and even dove at a red popsicle I was eating one time!

The cutting rose did pretty good this summer too.  I was very surprised (because of the heat).  I'm still learning about all the plants but it seems like the more you prune these, the more they grow.

We play outside almost every morning and evening.  I posted the picture above on facebook because we spent almost a whole day looking for that little man.  That is Westin's scuba diver and it is a favorite toy right now that he had to take a bath with twice a day.  He loves scuba divers!  He watches Finding Nemo just for the 10 seconds that a scuba diver is on there.  Anyway, he put him in the outlet cover and forgot.  So when bath time rolled around he could not remember where he was.  We looked everywhere, including the neighbor's yards.

That evening Cody saw him (thank goodness!) and told Westin where it was.  This was Westin getting him out and looking very happy that he was found.  :) 
These cooler temps have me excited about fall!  I bought some mums to plant and I'm hoping to get my fall decor out tomorrow while Westin is at MDO.  This is probably a dumb question but do you plant your mums in the ground?  I've always put them in pots.  I'm thinking about planting them in the ground this year so they will come back next year.  My question is, what do they look like during the winter?  Do they disappear completely (like hostas) or do they look like dead twigs?  This will help me determine where to plant them.  Thanks!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Fun Comparison

Can you tell who is who?  Both of these pictures were taken when Westin and Reagan were 5 months old.  As soon as I took that picture of Reagan (above) I immediately remembered the similar picture of Westin below.  They just look so much alike to me!  Happy weekend!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Westin's First Day of MDO

Westin had his first day of Mother's Day Out today.  Or as he calls it, "school."  Last year was his first year and he cried for the first several drop offs but by the end of the year he loved it.  He has been asking to go to school all summer so I knew he would love it this year too. 
He was less than thrilled when I took a picture of him with the flash in his dark room when he had barely opened his eyes.  ;)  Any other day he would have been up around 7:30 but of course he slept until 8:15 today and we have to leave at 8:45!

We had to rush through the first day of school pics.  He is such a stink pot and will make almost every face except a smile.

Finally got a smile.  I think he looks like Dennis the Menace in the picture below and he is definitely as mischievous as Dennis.

He is in the Frogs this year.  His teachers seem SO nice and informative and I'm really excited about them this year.

Here's his little class schedule.  He loves going to chapel and singing songs.

He was so excited before we got there and was a little clingy before I left but he never cried.  That made it so much easier!  I snuck one last picture before I left.

Miss Reagan and I ran a few errands and then came home and hung out together.  It is almost time to go get him and I cannot wait to hear all about his day!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A-Frame Tent

Quick question- Does anyone know why in some of my past posts the pictures are just big black boxes?  I have plenty of storage space in my picasa web albums so I'm not sure what is going on.  Any advice?

I first saw these a-frame tents on Erin's blog HERE.  She got the idea from THIS post.  It looked like a very simple but fun project so I did what I always do, called my Dad. :) I sent him the link and my mom texted me a picture that night of the tent.  I went to Joann's and got some gender neutral fabric (even though Westin is the only one who plays in it right now) and hemmed all four sides.

Then I took some coordinating gross grain ribbon and sewed a piece on the front and back of each corner to tie to the legs.  The original plan calls for elastic but I honestly have never worked with elastic and just went with what I already had. 

I also added these rubber stops to the bottom of each leg because the tent would slide open on our hardwoods and tile.  I got these in the hardware section at Walmart for less than two dollars and they work great.

He loves playing in here and usually brings his pillow to put under it and acts like he is going to sleep.

Of course I had to add a chalkboard.

Thank you, Dad for another fun toy!  Oh, I almost forgot!  My favorite part is that it folds up flat for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.  :)