Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Orange Beach 2012

  Last week we took a family vacation to Orange Beach, AL.  We had a fun time!  I won't say that it was a relaxing vacation but it was a fun one! :)  I think we have several years before we can say our vacations are relaxing.  Haha!  I did love watching Westin have so much fun playing on the beach, in the pool and with his cousins.  He loved every second of it!

This was the first year Westin really enjoyed the sand and didn't care if he got it all over him.  Yay!

This was the extent of his ocean experience.  He preferred the pool but he did like to hold my hand and let the waves get our feet. 

I brought Reagan three swim suits that were size 6-12 months.  They were all too small!  :)  She wore them anyway but I was so sad they didn't really fit.

She took her morning nap on the beach most mornings.

Westin loves to talk about scuba divers so he was obsessed with goggles.  He put this mask on at first but we found him these goggles for a better fit.  He loved them!  He thought he was a real scuba diver and told everyone he saw that he had on goggles.

I loved this watermelon bathing suit!  I'm glad she at least got one wear out of it.  :)

Chub-a-love sun bathing.

Gran's lap is always the most desired lap.

These boys were so cute together!  They just ran around and giggled all week long.

Gran always brings some pretty seashells to "hide" in the sand and the boys had a blast finding them.  Westin threw several into the ocean that he didn't like.  Oops!

G-Daddy gave the boys a bath one night and we all thought they looked like an Oreo cookie.  Haha! 

We got to go watch the Blue Angels practice one morning and tour the museum.

Westin loved this play area and kept yelling, "Look!  I'm a pirate!"

Next up, family pictures!


Christy said...

I love the pictures of Westin and his goggles. I'm glad y'all had a great vacation. I live about 45 minutes from Orange Beach. We rode to the outlets in Foley on Saturday and there were so many Arkansas people headed down to the beach! I thought of y'all.

Kelli said...

Such fun pictures!! I am with you vacations with little ones are not relexing, but they are memories in the making. And that makes it all worth it!

Tara said...

Looks like a great vacation. Your pictures are super.
I LOVE Orange Beach. I have to ask though, where did you stay? The condo in the background of one of your pictures looks like the place we vacationed in June.

Lauren said...

TOTALLY an oreo cookie. Ha! Glad W got to be a pirate at the air museum. =) Such good times (DEFINITELY not relaxing)! =)

Lana said...

What sweet, sweet pictures! Love the orea picture...haha!

Melissa said...

Such fun times! I totally agree that vacations aren't exactly relaxing at this stage in our lives between the prep work, packing, traveling and then returning, but they always bring such sweet memories that they are worth the trip, every time!

The Crowder Family said...

I loved each of these pictures! Westin's face with the mask on is too funny! And the Oreo cookie made me laugh! Reagan looks precious, and I could just eat her thighs up!! I can't wait to see more pictures! I'm glad y'all had fun--I completely understand the not so relaxing part!

Happiness Is... said...

So cute! That tub picture is hilarious!!

Megan said...

We were at Orange Beach at the same time!! So fun! Looks like y'all had a blast!