Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Pictures From the Beach

We took family pictures one night and this year we went with white, khaki and light pink.  A storm was brewing and it was soooo windy all day but when we walked down to the beach, the wind practically stopped.  We quickly lost our light but I think we got some good pictures!

GiGi and Papa with some of their great-grandkids.

Gran and G-Daddy.

Getting this stink pot to look at the camera and smile is a challenge!  He purposefully looks away from the camera and actually tries to frown!  He is a total mess.

 Daddy and Ray Ray.

 Andrew brought it girlfriend, Jessica and it was fun getting to know her a little better.

 My mom got some balloons to release in honor or Reese's 3rd birthday.

 This picture below CRACKS ME UP!  Westin and Reagan have a similar bored expression (Westin is trying to frown.) and I have no idea what Zach and Colson are doing!!  Hahaha!
 My green eyed and blue eyed babies.  Jenny made Reagan's monogrammed pillow case dress and Colson and Westin's monogrammed shorts that they wore on a different night.

 Back in January we didn't know if Gigi would be here to go to the beach with us this year.  We were so happy she made a miraculous recovery and was able to come.  I'm still so thankful for all of your prayers!

On the last night we took some pictures of the kiddos in coordinating outfits.  We knew it would be a challenge but they did pretty good!

By this point they were pretty much done.  Reagan is trying to push Zach back and he is worried he is going to drop her and Colson and Westin are very concerned about Colson's boo boo!

 Colson and Westin spotted an airplane!  Ha!

We had such a fun time last week!  The boys had an absolute blast running around and being loud.  Thank you, Gran and G-Dad for putting up with us!  Hopefully we will be invited back next year.  :)


Linds said...

I love all of the facial expressions the kids are making in each of these pictures! (especially the one of your parents with the kids-- Colson's face towards Zack is awesome!)

Kelley said...

So is Katie's husband your brother?

Christy said...

Love the pictures. I bet the boys have so much fun when they get together.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I just love this!!!

The Crowder Family said...

These pictures are all so wonderful! And some of them are also hilarious! I love the ones of you and Westin, Cody and Reagan, and all four of y'all! What a beautiful family you have! Your dress is gorgeous, by the way! The shot of Westin and Colson inspecting his boo boo cracks me up!!

julie & joe said...

Great pictures! I love the one of you with both kids.

Olga said...

You have a beautiful family Shannon! My favorite is the one of you and the kids.

Jenny said...

I love the idea of adding pink into a traditional white and khaki beach picture. They all look great!
I can totally relate on trying to get kids to take a decent picture. All my boys want to do is look bored or mad! Ha!

Twice as Nice said...

What wonderful memories. So happy Gigi is feeling so much better. You are blessed.

The Newnams said...

Those pictures are so beautiful. I love that you all always find a great way to include Reece. I'm sure she would have loved being around all those handsome boys.

Kristy Goldman said...

These are great pictures! And I just have to love the one where they are so worried about his boo boo. Too precious.

the undomesticated wife said...

Love the pink, white and tan...looks great! I love your white dress. That's what I was looking for when planning my elopement, but couldn't find anything like that anywhere!!!

Kristen said...

I've never seen a beach pic with pink, but it's pretty fantastic against the backdrop!

The kids faces are hilarious. I was cracking up scrolling through them!