Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Race To Remember

This past weekend we were able to run (walk!) in a Race to Remember.  This was a race benefiting Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and was for family members and friends of those who have lost a baby.  We ran in honor of my niece, Reese

Team Reese!  This was the fist year for the race and we had the biggest group!

Jason and Katie's family that were there.

Katie and I.  I love the shirts she had made for everyone.

Gran and G-Daddy with Zach and Colson.

Ready to start!

Reagan was more than happy to ride along. 

I think Westin wanted to look sweaty like the boys so he poured water down his shirt.  :)

These were the babies who were remembered during the race. 

There were over 150 runners/walkers and I think I came in around 157.  Haha!  I wasn't last though!  Our goal was under an hour and we did it in 52 minutes so we were happy.  :)  This was Cody's first race and he did great!

I love doing anything I can to honor Reese.  I think about her every single day and miss her every day.  I'm so glad we will see her again one day!


The Java Mama said...

What a great day you all look fabulous and baby Reese will never be forgotten! We'll see her again in Heaven oh what a glorious day :)

Kimberley said...

what a wonderful thing to do in honor of precious reese! love the shirts!

Jodi said...

Such a nice way to honor and remember Reese.

The Crowder Family said...

What a wonderful and sweet thing to do for baby Reese. I know it was a huge blessing to Jason and Katie that there was such a huge turnout!
I love Westin's "sweat"!

Katie said...

That really does look like sweat on Westin's shirt! That's great.

Thank you thank you thank you for doing the race! It means the world. Love you!

Christi said...

What a great way to honor your niece. Reading and looking at the pictures just blessed my heart. I know Reese's parents were overwhelmed with all the support.

Summer said...

Westin does look all sweaty he was running hard for his sweet cousin Reese for sure! This made me cry! It is so overwhelming the love this little girl has and all that was there to run in her rememberence. I've told Katie before if I could run and if I lived closer I would totally be there. I am team Reese all the way! Kelcee and I send balloons to heaven for her etc., you will have to ask Katie about the time the wind blew and the balloons hit the massive electrical thing and went boom and took out power in our subdivision oopsy lol! At least one of the balloons said God love you! That is an awesome picture of you and Katie such pretty girls! I also love the picture of Katie and Jason standing beside Reese's name! I think of her often too. That little girl has left such an impact on so many!

Thanks for sharing

Carrie said...

That's so wonderful! I looked at Katie's blog and saw the banner with all of the babies' names. So heartbreaking, but so wonderful to honor them. The pic of Westin with the "sweaty" shirt cracks me up!