Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Festivities Part 1

Happy 4th of July!

This past Sunday night we attended our church's annual Fireworks at the Crosses.  That afternoon I realized Westin needed a shirt to wear!  I came up with this design.  I love the blue fabric but thought it was a little feminine so I put the red star on top to cover it up a bit.  I like keeping these plain shirts from Walmart on hand for times like this.

Reagan's face cracks me up in the picture above.

Part of our small group:
 Westin played hard all night!

Reagan pretty much relaxed the whole time.

Even though he looks worried, Westin really enjoyed the show.  He liked pointing out all the colors.  It lasted 30 minutes so he got a little bored after a while.  All week he has been telling me we saw fireworks and "they were loud like crazy."  Haha!  I have no idea where he got this.

This is what Reagan thought of them.  Ha!

It was such a fun night spent with great friends.


Kimberley said...

great pictures! we were there too! :)

Paige said...

Love all the photos of the kids. Looks like a great family event!

hi-d said...

You are so creative with making those shirts. Such a great idea. I may have to do that sometime. It is hard to believe how grown up Westin looks. What a cute little guy. And that Reagan...oh my!!! Love her face! You look great too, Shannon! God bless your day!

Jodi said...

Pretty pics! I love how the fireworks are over the crosses!

Linds said...

that picture of Reagan with her double chin cracks me up! I love the chubby baby stage!

Carrie said...

I would love to squeeze those sweet cheeks of Reagan's! Love Westin's are so creative!

Jessica said...

I am impressed that you can make things when you have a litle baby! Good job, the shirt looks cute. :-)
Reagan is so cute, she makes me smile just looking at the pictures of her. :-)

Kari Beth said...

i love those pictures of reagan! so funny! she is so precious!

happy fourth!