Monday, June 4, 2012

Reagan-Two Months

- You had your 2 month check up today and your stats are:
     - Weight-11.20 lbs (60%)
     - Length-22.09" (45%)
     - Head-15.08" (45%)
     - You got a shot today and that was not fun.  You only cried for a few seconds though.
- We are not used to a rolly polly baby and we love it!
- Size 1diapers
- Size 0-3 month clothes
- This has been a big month for you!
- You are still a great sleeper.  I am beyond thankful and pray it stays this way.  You take at least two, 3 hour (sometimes 4 hour!) naps a day.  You go to bed anywhere from 8-9pm and wake up once to eat usually around 4-5am and then go back to sleep until 8:00 or after.
- When you were 6 weeks old I could not get you to stay asleep in your Rock-n-play cradle so I put you in your bed and you slept perfectly.  Since that day you nap and sleep in your crib.
- You slept through the night one time at 7.5 weeks old.  You slept 8:00-5:30, ate and then slept until 8:00am.
- You still sleep swaddled but you have become so wiggly that you often kick out of the swaddle and end up sideways in your crib.  We are about to start using your sleep sacks.
- You are in a great eat, play, sleep routine.
- You nurse every 3-4 hours during the day so about 5-6 times a day.
- Even though you have had several bottles, you continue to fight them but always end up taking them.
- You projectile vomit.  Ha!  Thankfully it does not phase you in the least and thankfully this only happens about once a week.  I'm pretty sure we determined it happens when you over eat.   I was worried that it could be from something I was eating but it doesn't seem to be.  Crossing my fingers that it stays that way!  I had to give up dairy with Westin and that was not fun.  :)
- You have really started cooing when we talk to you.
- You also follow us with your eyes and you love it when Westin talks to you.
- You are such a content, happy baby.
- You started smiling at 6 weeks.
- You love your car seat and would probably sleep all day in it if I would let you.  It is very hard for you to stay awake in are usually fast asleep within minutes of getting in it. 
- You don't mind tummy time and actually rolled over once from tummy to back.
- You LOVE bath time.
- You went on your first airplane ride this past month and had your first trip to the lake.
- You seem to be the complete opposite of Westin in personality to size.  It is so fun getting to know you and your personality!
- We love you so much and cannot imagine our life without you.  You are such an easy baby and you have made the transition from one child to two, very easy.  I thank the Lord daily for you!


Julie said...

She is adorable!!!!! And I can't believe she sleeps through the night already---you are so lucky! So precious this age is!

The Buchanan Family said...

she is adorable and looks alot like your husband! lucky you on her sleeping through the night. My 10 month old still doesn't do that every night! :)

Sara said...

So, so , so sweet!!! Love those cute baby smiles!

Linds said...

look at her sweet smile! She's so sweet!

Melissa said...

What adorable pictures! I love her sweet smile (and her headband)!

Tara said...

oh my gosh, her smile is amazing.
your children are adorable!

Kari Beth said...

2 months already?! Unbelievable. Love her sweet sweet smile :)

I'm Cindi... said...


Emery Wilkerson said...

Hey Shannon! Can you email me details on the sleep sack that you use? There are too many to choose from!

The Crowder Family said...

I can't get over all of her smiles! She is just precious!

The Williams Family said...

I love reading your blog, both of your kids are so cute. I have a girl about Westin's age and my son was born the same day as Reagan! It's so fun to see them grow and change each month!

Jodi said...

She is so cute. I love the pic of her smiling!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! She is precious!

Twice as Nice said...

The past 2 months have just flown by! She is darling!

The Smith Family said...

So cute!

Aimee said...

Those last two pictures are seriously adorable! She looks so big!

Livy said...

she looks so much like your husband. pretty, pretty girl.

Carrie said...

Love that sweet smile! She is so pretty! Have you heard of Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit? We started using it when Pearce started getting out of his swaddle blanket. It looks like a fleece snowsuit, but it's actually not hot and it makes the baby feel secure like when they're swaddled, but they can still move around. We really like ours and just wanted to tell you!

Kaysie said...

Oh my word, Shannon! She is adorable!!! I think the only pictures I've seen of her, her eyes have been closed. Ha! So beautiful!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Such a cutie! What a fun way to keep track of her growth. Enjoy every minute, they grow fast!

Kimberley said...

oh my goodness, she has changed so much! and i'm sure you don't want to hear that! :) she is darling! love that sweet smile!!

Mallorie said...

OH MY WORD. She is PRECIOUS!!! I can't get over her sweet little smiles! I love it!!!

Question. I have given up dairy for miss Emma Claire. Just wondering if you ever ate dairy while bf or if you gave it up the entire time. I have had tiny amounts of dairy recently but nothing big. Just wondering!!! Thanks!

Cari said...

She is such a cutie! I love her little smile and loved reading the updates. Happy 2 months, Reagan!

Anonymous said...

Westin sure was and still is a very thin kid...hopefully Reagan gets chubby!

Paula said...

Wow! She looks so much like Cody!!
Just Precious!!