Saturday, June 30, 2012

Decorating With Live Plants

There are some good comments on the previous chalkboard post if you want to check them out.  I made another chalkboard this week.  :)  I'll post pics soon. 

There is something about the spring and summer that makes me want to have live plants or flowers in the house at all times.  I've been cutting flowers from my backyard weekly and I've added some ivy and ferns inside as well.  I love decorating with the ivy and ferns because they are pretty and easy to keep alive with not that much water and indirect sunlight.  You can actually get away with no sunlight if you put it under a lamp.  :)

Some flowers from our backyard.  My gladiolas have multiplied so much that I cut about 5-6 to bring in every few days.  The deep purple ones are my favorite although I don't have a picture of one. 

I love pink roses!
This is a plant Katie gave us on Reese's birthday.  I just bought some potting soil to re-pot it in the milk glass. 
This fern is on our dining room table.  I need to trim off the dead leaves but it gets a lot of sun in this location and has really grown a lot.

Another reason I love ivy is because it is so in-expensive!  You can get some at Walmart for less than three dollars.  I've since moved the above ivy to our bedroom and replaced it with two ferns. I dropped the ferns in a basket I got at Goodwill for a dollar.

I love having some ivy in our bathroom too.

This little fern behind our sink has really grown too.  It was just a little sprout when I bought it.  Some times I have to trim it because it gets so long.

Another reason I probably like having live plants is because I love decorating with the color green.  :)  Plants make a house feel so "homey" I think.  Do y'all like using plants inside?


Lana said...

In the past I haven't had plans inside, but right now I have two and love them. One is a cactus a student gave me. :) She told me she knew I'd be traveling a lot to TN this summer so she thought a cactus was best since they don't require a lot of water. Sweet girl. The other...I'm not sure what it is, I got it at the grocery store! But it's really grown and makes the kitchen feel more homey! Now, I want to get others after seeing your post!

julie & joe said...

I have given up on house plants. I never remember to water in the winter. I usually love having Christmas Cactus.

Jodi said...

I love plants and have actually been able to keep several alive in my apartment thanks to a big window sill where they can all sit and get plenty of light!

Kimberley said...

love your green thumb!

all of those would be d.e.a.d in my home :)

Lauren said...

The fact that you can keep all that going with a toddler and a newborn is beyond amazing to me. But, my excuse for not having live plants inside is that I am ridiculously allergic to anything I'ver ever tried to house. And it actually makes me really sad. My husband CANNOT even buy me occasional flowers, he's tried a few times and it's hilarious how sick I get. Anyway, he's not too bummed about it, saves him a lot of money. =)

I'm Cindi... said...

I need to know your secrets, Shannon! How in the world do you get ferns and ivy to grow inside? They are two of my favorites, but I am definitely not theirs. My creeping fig is alive and well, though, and I've had it in two different coffee table and kitchen counter...and it's still going strong. :) I love, love, love your "green" touches. It's one of my favorite colors too. :)

Tara said...

Your plants are all gorgeous! I'm so envious.

Unfortunately, I can't have plants in my house because my cats will chew on them.

Aimee said...

I love all your ferns! They are my favorite, but for some reason I am awful at keeping plants alive! Definitely a black thumb over here!

Kelli said...

I love having plants and fresh flowers around the house as well.
Your home looks so beautiful!

Carla said...

I am a sucker for plants in the house also!! I get it from my mom and grandmother. There's something about it that warms up a room and gives it the homey feel. Your plants look great!!!

Jules said...

You must have the most beautiful garden! I always love seeing how you decorate.... wish you could come help me :0)

Olga said...

Beautiful plants! I just borrowed your idea and posted some of the plants I have in our house. Stop by and say Hi =)