Saturday, June 30, 2012

Decorating With Live Plants

There are some good comments on the previous chalkboard post if you want to check them out.  I made another chalkboard this week.  :)  I'll post pics soon. 

There is something about the spring and summer that makes me want to have live plants or flowers in the house at all times.  I've been cutting flowers from my backyard weekly and I've added some ivy and ferns inside as well.  I love decorating with the ivy and ferns because they are pretty and easy to keep alive with not that much water and indirect sunlight.  You can actually get away with no sunlight if you put it under a lamp.  :)

Some flowers from our backyard.  My gladiolas have multiplied so much that I cut about 5-6 to bring in every few days.  The deep purple ones are my favorite although I don't have a picture of one. 

I love pink roses!
This is a plant Katie gave us on Reese's birthday.  I just bought some potting soil to re-pot it in the milk glass. 
This fern is on our dining room table.  I need to trim off the dead leaves but it gets a lot of sun in this location and has really grown a lot.

Another reason I love ivy is because it is so in-expensive!  You can get some at Walmart for less than three dollars.  I've since moved the above ivy to our bedroom and replaced it with two ferns. I dropped the ferns in a basket I got at Goodwill for a dollar.

I love having some ivy in our bathroom too.

This little fern behind our sink has really grown too.  It was just a little sprout when I bought it.  Some times I have to trim it because it gets so long.

Another reason I probably like having live plants is because I love decorating with the color green.  :)  Plants make a house feel so "homey" I think.  Do y'all like using plants inside?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's Talk Chalkboards

Chalkboards are so fun to make.  I probably have one in every room.  In fact, now that I think about it, I do, except our bedroom/bathroom and Reagan's bathroom.  I'll have to fix that!  Haha! 

While Westin was gone last week I decided to paint the end of our kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint.  I have visions of him sitting happily here and drawing while I cook dinner.  It hasn't happened yet and probably never will.  :)  In fact, he hasn't even noticed it yet! Ha!

I just taped it off and gave it a few coats.

I just need to find a fun way to hold the chalk.  I'm thinking an unside down drawer pull.  I saw that on pinterest I think.  Haha

Some of you asked about chalk vs. chalk pen.  It is really nice to write with a chalk pen but I cannot get it to erase.  Am I the only one with this problem??  I have to totally re-paint the chalkboard if I use a pen.  Any tips with this?  I have just gone back to regular chalk.  I really prefer the look of plain ole chalk to the pen anyways. 

Y'all are so funny asking about my handwriting.  My actual script is just all uppercase letters.  This is how I write every day.  To spice it up a little I might add some cursive.  Ha!  I really do not have any tips about this other than just play around with it until you get what you like.  Also, you can google fun fonts and try to copy them.  Try writing in all caps if you normally don't or try writing in all lowercase if you normally always write in cursive.  I just like experimenting.   

Also, I've always used the chalk paint that comes in a can.  I've never tried the spray paint although I know a lot of people like that.  I mostly do all my projects inside so spray paint would not be good for that. 

Please add any thoughts or tips on chalkboard paint in the comments.  And if you have a question I will answer it in the comments so check back. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Craft Week

This has been a fun week!  I've called it craft week.  My wonderful parents and in-laws have kept Westin this past week so Reagan and I have just been hanging out.  I've filled the week sleeping in, running errands that I normally wouldn't do with a two year old, hanging out with friends and I even busted out the sewing machine.

First up, I found a place for Cody's "DAD" picture.  You can't really see it in this picture but I hung it in our room.

I found some fun duck cloth fabrics at Hobby Lobby and made some shirts.  A whale for Westin and a bird for Reagan.

To make the shirts I ironed some 725 Heavy Duty Wonder-Under to the back side of the fabrics.  Then I drew a design on the back of the paper and cut it out.  Then I ironed it on the shirt. (Follow the directions on the Wonder-Under.)  I usually hand stitch around the design but since my sewing machine was out I tried it that way and it worked great!  It was so fast.  As long as the designs are pretty simple I'll be able to do it this way.  :)  If there are a lot of corners and details I'll have to hand stitch.  I know the very basics about my sewing machine.  Ha!

Since I had my sewing machine out, I finished up those dish towels I started about a year ago.

Elizabeth and I made these burlap stars for our front doors. We followed THIS tutorial. 

It has been a fun week and I've enjoyed being creative and having more time on my hands but I'm ready to see my boy!  One more day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chalk Board Frame

This is one of the frames I picked up at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago.  It was marked $1.75 but the green tags were 25% off that day. 

I knew I was going to paint the glass with chalkboard paint so I didn't even take it out before spray painting the frame.  I went with spray paint that is good for plastic since I'm pretty sure the frame is plastic.

While I was at it, I painted a few silver trays with chalkboard paint too.  The small one is from the same thrift store and the round one is from the Dollar Tree.

When painting with the chalkboard paint don't worry when the first coat barely covers the surface.  Especially on glass, mirror or metal.  Let it dry and apply several coats.

I put the round one in our room on my nightstand.

The oval one went in the china cabinet behind our toasting goblets from our wedding. 

I put the white one in our guestroom to leave a little welcome message to our overnight guests.  I can't decide if I will hang it on the wall or just leave it leaned up like it is.

The thrift store is my favorite place to find frames to re-purpose.  You cannot beat the prices!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gardening Questions Part 2

Thanks so much for your advice on my previous garden post.  I have a few more questions. 

My lace cap hydrangeas.  Whaaaaaa!  (That is the sound of me crying.)  These only bloom every other year.  Does anyone know why?  Is it because I cut off some of the blooms to bring inside last year?  There is a lace cap bush at our church and it blooms every year.

In the middle of the picture below is my lilac plant.  It is kind of hard to see.  My question on this one is should I cut it back after it blooms in the spring?  I love this plant!

Here is what it looked like a couple of months ago.  I planted it last year so this was the first year it bloomed.  It smelled so good!

My last question is about my hibiscus.  I forgot to ask this in my last post.  See those green leaves down on the bottom by the dirt?  Do I need to clip those off or just let them grow?

And this will show you how much of a total dork fest I am but I'm going to show you anyways.  :)  Cody literally laughs so hard when I pull this out.  This is my garden journal.

It's just a plain notebook that I made tabs for that say, current, future, maintenance, receipts, seeds, and misc.  I take the tags off everything I buy and staple them under the "current" section since this is what is currently in my yard.  Those tags have a lot of useful information.

Under "future" I have articles on new plants that I want to get and under "maintenance" I have information on pruning and maintaining what I currently have. 

So there you have it.  Laugh all you want but I reference this little notebook quite regularly.  Haha!  :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Cody for being the best dad ever for our kids.  He usually comes home from a long day at work and jumps right in playing with Westin, cooking dinner or watching both of them so I can get some peace and quiet.  He is the best!

And Happy Father's Day to the best dad I could ever hope for.  To the man who has done countless projects for me and always supported my crazy ideas.  I love you, Dad!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dollar Store Gallery Wall

When I saw Melissa's gallery wall over at 320 Sycamore, I knew I wanted to re-create it somewhere in our house.  Our Dollar Tree didn't have the 11x20 frames and they were out of stock on line so I asked my mom to look at her store and they had them.  She got six for me in black.

I picked out 3 newborn pictures of Westin and 3 of Reagan and printed them in black and white. 

*Side note- I print our pictures and large prints (from pinterest) at Sam's Club.  I print color copies and prints that are 8x10 or smaller on cardstock at Office Depot.

Melissa went the extra mile and cut mats out of poster board for her frames.  I just taped the picture directly on top of the poster board to give the look of a mat.

I decided to put the picture gallery in the hallway that leads to our bedroom.

Cody accidentally broke the glass in the 6th frame so I had to wait a few weeks to get the new one.

It is complete now and I love it.  I was stumped on how to hang them.  As soon as I put the first one up it fell down because they just had cardboard hangers on the back.  The frames are so thin I couldn't nail in a sawtooth hanger so I used E6000 glue to glue the hangers on the frames.  Just follow the directions for the glue.  These have been hanging for a couple of weeks so I'm confident in how well the glue has held. 

Not bad for $6 worth of frames.  Or $7 since I had to buy a new one.  :)
Thanks, Melissa for the great idea!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thrift Store Finds and Cabinet Update

I had a great idea (or a temporary loss of sanity) the other day to load up the double stroller and go to a thrift store!  :)  They actually did great and Westin even picked out two huge trucks to play with in the backyard for a dollar each.  He was a happy camper while I shopped.
I picked up these two frames, this wooden thing and the two trucks for six dollars.  I'm not sure what the wooden thing it is but it reminded me of a small version of a tobacco basket.  It has a small hook on the back like someone had it hanging on their wall.  That's what I thought I would do with it too but I decided to put it in our china cabinet in our kitchen.  It was time for an updated look in there.



This cabinet is my all time favorite garage sale find.  I found it before we were married but knew it was too good to pass up. 

 "My children are a blessing" card I printed out from Jones Design Company.

Here are a few more corners in my kitchen.  This is behind the sink.  Another thrift store silver tray chalkboard with some candles and a live fern.
I painted one of the frames this yellow color and printed out this fun printable from HERE.  I love that it looks like a chalkboard.  :)  It is probably not staying here but I'm enjoying it here for now.