Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reagan's First Plane Ride

Thank you for the gardening advice.  Y'all really helped me out and I plan on continuing the deadheading and next spring I will cut back my snowball bush after it blooms.  I think it will make it bigger and stronger.  I'm so excited to know my glads will bloom and continue to multiply.  Thanks!

Well, Reagan got to do something before Westin.  It probably won't happen often but she always has this!  Haha!  She rode in her first plane this past weekend.  Jason and Zach were headed to Little Rock for some Tennis games so Reagan and I tagged along.  My BFF, Christina was having a surprise 30th birthday so I was so excited it worked out where I could go. 

All strapped in and ready to go!
Jason right before take off.
Jason was a great pilot and I guess I can't blame him for the wind.  :) It was a very rough ride to LR.  Reagan slept the whole time but she did throw up from the bumps.  She never even woke up though! Haha!  The ride home was very smooth and she slept the whole way home too.

I have a picture of Westin and I like this in front of my parent's hydrangeas.  I am always so surprised that they are taller than me!
Gran and Reagan

Zach was so funny/sweet with Reagan all weekend.  He wanted to hold her and didn't care at all that she was screaming.  Katie and I agree it is because he is so used to Colson being loud that he probably didn't even notice!  He didn't want to give her up.  Ha!  He would rub her head every time he saw her and say, "is she doing great?"  He also kept saying, "her face is so cute.  I want to see her cute face."  If I walked into the room without Reagan he would say, "where's Reagan?" in an almost frantic voice.  He was also concerned that I might be feeding her too much because all she did was poop!  What a sweetie! Zach made me an Aunt and I just love that little boy.

Four generations. 

We had a great time in LR and the plane ride made it extra enjoyable because we made a 2.5 hour trip in one hour.  That is the way to go with a newborn!  :)  Thanks, Jason!


Summer said...

How awesome you rode with Jason and Z and Reagan!! I have heard from Katie that Jason is an awesome pilot! Hey and the fact he is family you can totally razz him about the wind lol, even though he can't control the mother nature part lol! I am so glad you got to see your friend for her birthday! OMG Reagan is so so beautiful, but look at you so of course she would be! Holy beautiful Hydrangea bushes! My mom has bought me one ever since Kelcee was born for Mother's day! Two have lived lol! I didn't read the part where they like shade oopsy! So a few were a no go! I do have some really big ones! They are pink but they are just now starting to bloom and I am uncertain how to cut them? Would you care to ask your mom how to cut them so I can have fresh Hydrangeas in my home without killing my bush ha! One year I trimmed one back in the fall, the next year it was all green and didn't bloom lol, thought it was a goner and then the next year it bloomed ha! I am so not a hydrangea keeper upper but I love them! LOL! OMG girl you can't even tell you just had a baby except for the fact you are holding one! You go girl

Jessyka said...

Your parents hydrangea's are beautiful! I'm no gardener, so I enjoy reading your comments on how to care for plants. I would love to have hydrangeas that look like your parents. Any that I have had in Texas have never blossomed like that! I would love to know how to care for them better! Maybe your mom would give some advice?

emily said...

How fun! I'm glad R has sweet big cousins to watch after her!

Those Hydrangeas are gorgeous!

Fabiola said...

Reagan is so cute!!! I wish Heloisa would keep her bows in her head : (

I love your Mom's hydrangeas.

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Those hydrangeas are gorgeous! What lovely family photos! making memories!

Theresa said...

It's so fun that Reagan got to do something first. How special for her. You're right, those moments will be few and far between. And that was a pretty memorable first! It's so great that you have several generations of family to love on your kids. My kids are also blessed with great grandparents and I'm so happy that they have been given that opportunity. My nephews love to "take care" of Maggie too. They all love having a baby around.

Kimberley said...

i got teared up with the 4 generations photo. just makes my heart smile. wish my boys could have met my granny :)

oh, how do you make it to LR in only 2.5hrs? ;) do you know a short cut? :)

Linds said...

your parents hydrangeas are GORGEOUS! I want to plant some SO badly at our new house. Waiting on Drew to bite the bullet and do it :)

Melissa said...

What cute pictures! I LOVE the hydrangea bushes-so beautiful!

Kari Beth said...

Awww. Reagan is changing so much. Can't wait to see her Tuesday.

AND...I got sick to my stomach just reading about the plane ride! You are one brave momma!

Alex and Jill said...

Reagan is SO CUTE! I think she and Sydney have some of the same outfits. LOL

And you look great, girl! I still have SO MUCH weight to lose from this baby. What's your secret??? :)

Becky said...

Hi Shannon,
I always read here but rarely comment, but some fashion lust has brought me out, ha-ha! I NEED that tank you're wearing in front of the hydrangeas! It's so pretty!
You look amazing. Nobody would know you'd just had a baby unless you were holding one. :)
Thanks for your blog -- it's always so cheerful for me.

Lilia Dyal said...

Awww, what a trooper little Reagan is! Glad to know she didn’t give you much trouble during the flight. Something tells me she’s going to enjoy flying more and more as she grows up! And don’t forget to give Jason a hug for being an awesome pilot to get you safe to your destination despite the rough winds!

Cash Carroll said...

Wow! A four-seater plane! It is rather cool that you brought your little one to introduce to your parents. I can tell how happy they were. At least she wasn’t fussy during the ride and was very quiet through and through. My mom didn’t want to fly with me until I was 5. My dad worked in the Air Force and sometimes would fly with me. He now works in the tower giving the "All clear" for the planes to land and all that, but ever since, I have always been interested in planes.