Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Day of MDO

Yesterday was Westin's last day of Mother's Day Out.  Oh my word, looking back at these pictures makes me want to cry!  He was such a baby!  He is truly a rambunctious toddler now.  On the first day of MDO he was 18 months and now he is 26 months. 

Those shoes do not fit anymore and neither does the shirt or jeans.  And his jeans were even too big at the time!  That was a 12 month shirt and 12-18 month pair of jeans.  His shoes were a size 5 but now he wears size 6-7 shoes and 18-24 month clothes.  Growing up!

He had a water day for his last day so he had to wear his swim suit.  He is such a stinker....he refuses to look at the camera!

He had a great first year of MDO.  He went from having to be carried in, to just walking in by himself and wanting to carry his backpack.  He can name every person in his class and talks about "school" all the time.  He loved his teachers Mrs. Sally and Miss Hannah too. 

He sings the songs he learned there (his favorite being "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.")  He definitely learned a lot while he was there too since the other day he counted to 12 all by himself. 

He will go one day a week again starting in September and I know he will love it.  He is really going to miss it this summer!

He has changed so much to me.  He has gone from looking babyish to looking like a little boy.  He will always be my baby though.


Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Such a sweetie! They grow so fast!

Anonymous said...


How's it been with two kids? I have a son 5 days younger than Westin. And I'm TERRIFIED to have another. My son is a very well behaved little guy - I'm so thankful for him and our life.

I'm struggling with the idea of another even though I want one. I guess it's just fear. When I had my son, I had a tough time nursing at first, and I think I slipped into a PPD state for a while.

Has it been tough? Have you had downs as well as ups? Maybe you could post about this (when you get some time - HA)

Katie said...

SO cute! Seems like only yesterday to me. Seriously!

I wonder if he will always seem so much older to me than Cols Cols. ; )

Theresa said...

Such great pictures! The last one looks like he's waiting for the bus - HA! It's hard to believe how much they change in the course of a school year until you compare pictures. Somehow it's a lot easier to deal with them learning and knowing more than it is to accept that they are physically changing into a big kid :) Even my 5 year old is still my baby.. I don't think that feeling ever goes away, thank goodness.

Summer said...

Hey so you won't think I'm wierd lol I'm Summer Katie's good friend from blogging! Her and I have become super close! I see pics of Westin off her blog all the time and I think wow check out how grown up him and Colson are looking so precious! You can totally tell they are cousin's well except for the blonde hair lol! I love the swim trunks super cute! Where did you get them? My bff has a boy and they would look so cute on him! What is Mother's Day Out? I hear all you girlies in Arkansas talk about it but we have nothing like it in WV lol! Is it like Pre-school?? I love his little doggy back pack! How funny his last day was today and our little Kelcee graduated Pre-School today sniff-sniff...we are so proud of her...I love that song I've got the Joy, ha I will probably be singing it all night now lol thanks...just kidding, so how's the little girl of yours? I can't remember her name...I know it's a cute one though, she looks just like you! Have a great day, oh and I thought that was super awesome that you included Reese's name on the cupcake toppers! I got Katie a oyster with a pearl in it for Christmas to always be a reminder of Reese and we let off balloons for her except last time ding dong me wrote a note and the wind blew and it hit our transformer oopsy lol, luckily only a few houses didn't have electric for like twenty minutes ha!

OK I know this is super long! Congrats to Westin

amanda said...

My son monroe is a little younger than Weston-born 4/2/10-and I couldn't believe the difference almost a year of school made. Such a fun comparison. Do you mind sharing where you found westin's sandals? I had some similar ones from stride rite last year, but I really like those. We need some that are a little more adjustable than traditional crocs because he has skinny feet. Thanks!

Kimberley said...

oh wow, you can see so many changes. he has definitely grown :) sweet little fella!

Tina said...

He is precious. And growing like a weed!

Christy said...

Oh Shannon, Westin has grown so much since he first started MDO. He has such a big boy look now. His haircut is super cute.

Julie said...

I just started reading your blog---but he is adorable!!!! How happy is he;)

Kari Beth said...

No more baby in him :(