Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clear Command Products

I was thrilled when Sara from Command asked me to review some of their new products in their new clear line.  She sent me the samples but all opinions are mine.  :)

I have been using Command hooks for years for hanging my Christmas decorations, especially my mantle garland, so I knew these products would not disappoint. 

First up was the cell phone holder.  Cody's cell phone charger drives me crazy!  He always plugs it in in the kitchen so the cord is always on my counter top.

I love this!  The little space at the bottom lets him plug it in and keep everything neat and tidy.  I love that it is clear too!

I was really excited about the small clear hooks.  You could use these for so many things!  I knew exactly what I wanted to use them for.  Brittany made me this adorable fabric banner and I wanted to hang it above Reagan's crib but I couldn't figure out how without big visible hooks or nails.  You cannot even see these hooks!  I love them.

Another thing I wanted to do was hang this little chalkboard on her crib.  I obviously didn't want to put any nails in her crib so I used the tiny clear hooks.

You really cannot even see this one.  My favorite thing about the Command Brand is that they are so easy to remove and leave absolutely no damage with their stretch-release technology.  You will never even know this hook was here after I take it off. 

Command Brand products are perfect for me because I change my mind daily and I'm always moving things around.  :)

I'm still thinking of the best use for the clear spice holder.  I probably won't use it for spices so I'm still thinking on this one.  What are some of the things you would use the clear Command products for?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My First Baby

All I have to say about these pictures is, "Oh lawsy."  Someone thought he needed a bath in his sister's bath tub.  :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reagan's First Plane Ride

Thank you for the gardening advice.  Y'all really helped me out and I plan on continuing the deadheading and next spring I will cut back my snowball bush after it blooms.  I think it will make it bigger and stronger.  I'm so excited to know my glads will bloom and continue to multiply.  Thanks!

Well, Reagan got to do something before Westin.  It probably won't happen often but she always has this!  Haha!  She rode in her first plane this past weekend.  Jason and Zach were headed to Little Rock for some Tennis games so Reagan and I tagged along.  My BFF, Christina was having a surprise 30th birthday so I was so excited it worked out where I could go. 

All strapped in and ready to go!
Jason right before take off.
Jason was a great pilot and I guess I can't blame him for the wind.  :) It was a very rough ride to LR.  Reagan slept the whole time but she did throw up from the bumps.  She never even woke up though! Haha!  The ride home was very smooth and she slept the whole way home too.

I have a picture of Westin and I like this in front of my parent's hydrangeas.  I am always so surprised that they are taller than me!
Gran and Reagan

Zach was so funny/sweet with Reagan all weekend.  He wanted to hold her and didn't care at all that she was screaming.  Katie and I agree it is because he is so used to Colson being loud that he probably didn't even notice!  He didn't want to give her up.  Ha!  He would rub her head every time he saw her and say, "is she doing great?"  He also kept saying, "her face is so cute.  I want to see her cute face."  If I walked into the room without Reagan he would say, "where's Reagan?" in an almost frantic voice.  He was also concerned that I might be feeding her too much because all she did was poop!  What a sweetie! Zach made me an Aunt and I just love that little boy.

Four generations. 

We had a great time in LR and the plane ride made it extra enjoyable because we made a 2.5 hour trip in one hour.  That is the way to go with a newborn!  :)  Thanks, Jason!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Day of MDO

Yesterday was Westin's last day of Mother's Day Out.  Oh my word, looking back at these pictures makes me want to cry!  He was such a baby!  He is truly a rambunctious toddler now.  On the first day of MDO he was 18 months and now he is 26 months. 

Those shoes do not fit anymore and neither does the shirt or jeans.  And his jeans were even too big at the time!  That was a 12 month shirt and 12-18 month pair of jeans.  His shoes were a size 5 but now he wears size 6-7 shoes and 18-24 month clothes.  Growing up!

He had a water day for his last day so he had to wear his swim suit.  He is such a stinker....he refuses to look at the camera!

He had a great first year of MDO.  He went from having to be carried in, to just walking in by himself and wanting to carry his backpack.  He can name every person in his class and talks about "school" all the time.  He loved his teachers Mrs. Sally and Miss Hannah too. 

He sings the songs he learned there (his favorite being "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.")  He definitely learned a lot while he was there too since the other day he counted to 12 all by himself. 

He will go one day a week again starting in September and I know he will love it.  He is really going to miss it this summer!

He has changed so much to me.  He has gone from looking babyish to looking like a little boy.  He will always be my baby though.

Monday, May 21, 2012

MDO Program and 6 Weeks

Westin had his end of the year program for Mother's Day Out last week.  It was a hoot.  He was supposed to wear his "Sunday best."  So of course we snapped a few pics before we left. 

This is so typical of Westin!  He is such a mischievous observer.  He stood off to the side playing on the steps, watching his class sing their song.  :)  When I watch him at MDO before I pick him up, he is always off to the side playing but watching everything going on around him.  I can almost see it in his eyes that he is plotting his next move.  He is such a rascal! 

Last Wednesday Reagan turned 6 weeks old.  She marked the occasion by starting to smile!  I tried to catch that smile on camera but she was too concerned with the fan. 

Of course big brother had to jump in the pictures.  :)

Reagan is growing so fast!  I'm excited to see what her stats will be at her 2 month check up. 

I'm still working on getting a smile on camera!  Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Westin Sings Amazing Grace

I'm not very good at taking videos and even worse at uploading them.  Hopefully this works!

The other day Westin was playing with his toys and he sang Amazing Grace word for word!  I couldn't believe it and of course thought it was so cute.  :)  I tried to get him to sing for the camera but of course he started acting silly.  And for some reason he adds a line in the beginning.  He always does this and I'm not sure why.  :)

P.S.  If you know anything about gardening, please scroll down to the next post and offer all the advice you have.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Calling All Gardeners

Every spring/summer I always ask for y'alls advice about some of my plants and y'all really helped me out last year.  This spring is no different.  I would love it if you could help me out with a few more questions!

I planted these gladiolas from bulbs last year.  They all bloomed and were very pretty.  I had no idea they would come back, much less multiply!  Will all these bloom or just the original ones from last year?
Some of my favorite roses.
My dad bought me this hibiscus.  These are so fun to watch!  It has a bloom every day, drops the bloom over night and then blooms again the next day in a new spot.  Any tips for care during the winter (I'll have to bring it inside)?
Ahhh, my favorite plant.  My snowball bush.  I read online to prune these back almost to the ground after it blooms.  This scares me!  haha  I do not like cutting off new growth.  Has anyone done this?  How do you prune your snowball bush?

We bought these knock out roses last year on clearance for $2.50 each.  We planted all four under Reagan's window and they have more than doubled in size in one year.  That is why I love these.  They are almost impossible to kill and grow so fast.  The continuous blooms (in spring and summer) are so pretty too.  My question is, do you dead head yours?  I did last year but the bigger they get the more time consuming that is since I also have two huge ones in the back yard.  Do you notice a difference if you do not dead head?

Thanks so much for always giving such great advice!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reagan's Birth Announcement

Two sided announcements usually stress me out but I really liked this one so I went with it.  Haha!  Of course, Lindsey took the pictures and I ordered the cards from HERE.



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

I couldn't believe I got to celebrate Mother's Day as a mom to two babies.  It was such a special day.  We dedicated Reagan at church.  It is a symbol of us giving back to the Lord what he has blessed us with and committing to raise her up in a Godly home and teach her about Jesus.
We had to be there at 8:40 but we managed so squeeze in a few pictures before we left.

We also got to get some pictures after church with the family.

Zach and Westin are always holding hands!  :)  Westin is such a turkey lately and knows if we want him to smile then he will just choose to make faces instead. 

My Mom got Reagan a frame for her Dedication Day and my Grandmother gave her her first Bible.  It was such a sweet and memorable day.

"I praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, Wonderful are Your works." Psalm 139:14

Her sweet little dress my mom got me for her gender reveal party.  It was a perfect fit!

I am always praying for those of you still waiting for your babies and Sunday you were not far from my thoughts.  God is Faithful!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reagan Meets Gigi and Papa

Last Tuesday my Mom drove my grandparents up to meet Reagan.  You may remember me asking for prayers for my Grandma.  As you can see, the Lord healed her and we are so thankful!  She is doing better than ever and it is a true miracle.  Thank you so much for praying! 

I think she held Reagan for two hours straight.  Haha!  She had been waiting a long time to get her hands on her.

Two sleepy heads.