Thursday, April 19, 2012

Relaxing Week

Very random post!

Reagan and I have been enjoying a nice relaxing week getting to know each other because Westin's wonderful grandparents are keeping him this week.  Cody's parents and my parent's have split the week with him and he is getting majorly spoiled!  I'm not supposed to lift anything over 15 pounds for 6 weeks but that is obviously not going to happen.  Thanks to my mom staying 11 days after Reagan was born and then taking Westin back to Little Rock, I will make it close to 3 weeks.  I cannot bear to not pick him up any longer!

Reagan has been doing a lot of snoozing this week.  It seems like all my pictures of her are sleeping because that is all she does!  I hope she doesn't get used to the quiet this week while Westin is gone.  :)

I love spring!!  I love watching everything bloom, watering my plants, and bringing some inside to enjoy.  One of my favorite plants is my snowball bush. 

This bouquet had to get a light spray of Raid before it came in because ants love this plant as much as I do. 

On Wednesday, Reagan turned 2 weeks old!  I think time flies even faster with a second baby. 

While I was in the hospital, my Dad and Cody planted Reagan's pink dogwood!  I'm already looking forward to next spring to see it bloom!

I haven't read a book in so long and I really missed it.  I decided to start reading this week because I have so much time on my hands (and I cannot nap during the day).  So on my first time to drive in two weeks, we went to the book store and got this book.  I LOVE this trilogy!  I've read them at least 2 times already but it has been several years.  If you haven't read the Mark of the Lion books by Francine Rivers, please do!  You will not regret it.  I have made all my friends read them and they love them too.  You really cannot put them down.

My china cabinet has looked like this since we moved in almost 7 years ago.  I've had the itch to re-decorate it for awhile now.  I want a more casual feel to it, almost like a built in bookcase.  I also want to only use things I have around the house, with the exception of maybe some scrapbook paper or wrapping paper to line the back of it.  Hopefully I can get this done before Westin comes home on Sunday.  If not, it will give me something to work on next week. 

I hope y'all have had a good week too!  Thanks for reading my totally random post!  :)


Brittany said...

Love that snowball bush! Never seen one. I wonder if they'll grow in Texas? Reagan is a beauty and I think she looks a lot like Westin in the pic with her eyes open!

Kimberley said...

glad to hear you're adjusting well, and getting some great time with reagan. she's a beautiful baby. and i can concur it goes by faster with the 2nd. enjoy! :)

Maryellen said...

Congratulations on Reagan. She is adorable. Looking forward to seeing your cabinent when you are done. I love how you decorate your home.

Twice as Nice said...

I love to read. I will have to down load them onto my kindle. When you get a chance I would love to see a newborn picture of Westin to compare with Reagan. I can't remember him as a baby it has been so long. Enjoy your time with you new little one.

Anonymous said...

If you do line your cabinet with paper of some type, I would love to know exactly how to do it!

julie & joe said...

can't wait to see what you do with your china cabinet!

Enjoy your quiet time.

Paula said...

What a little beauty!!
I have never seen a snowball bush. I too would like to know if they grow in Texas. I will have to check it out.
Westin will have grown an inch when you see him on Sunday.
Enjoy your babies for they grow so fast!!

Kristen and Andy said...

Sounds like the perfect week! I remember enjoying my time with my second baby so much more b.c I just took the time to enjoy him - you realize how fast they grow and don't want to miss a second of it and just soak it all in. It was a lot less stressful the 2nd time around b/c I knew more or less what I was doing that time too - ha! Enjoy these moments :)

hi-d said...

She is so sweet! Love that you get to have some time alone with her and that you have such a supportive family that helps you out. Make sure you don't push yourself too fast. :)

I wish I could say that I don't take naps during the day, but I do. haha...I feel exhausted during the day. I'm not sure if it's because Maximus still wakes up during the night or because he's into everything during the day, or a combination of the two. LOL...

Have a good weekend. Oh...and I love those snowball trees too. Totally reminds me of a kid growing up. My parents had some in their yard.

Lauren said...

What a lovely family you have! I honestly don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog today, but I'm happy I did.

I also have a two year old and a newborn so it will be fun to get to know someone who's going through the same things even if it is through a blog.

God bless!

Kari Beth said...

I so enjoyed getting to spend some time with you and Reagan last week. She is the sweetest baby! Can't wait to see y'all again soon. Next time I'll bring Elle and she and Westin can entertain each other :)

Sara said...

So glad you had a relaxing week to recover! I am sure Westin was spoiled beyond belief!!

Brooke said...

She's precious! Glad you get to relax. That's a big deal!! I also LOVE that book series- awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Have you read The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy by Penelope Wilcock? I think that fans of the Mark of the Lion series would love it.


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