Saturday, March 31, 2012

Four More Days and Happy Birthday, Mom!

Can you tell I'm counting down the days?!  I'm ready to meet this baby!  In the past couple of weeks my feet, legs and face have started swelling.  This happened MUCH earlier in my pregnancy with Westin so I cannot complain.  I have not had high blood pressure once, which is another blessing.  I never thought I would make it to 39 weeks (on Wednesday) just because of what happened with Westin.  I'm excited about the possibility of a totally different experience this time.  I'm so ready!  Haha!

Elizabeth was sweet enough to volunteer to watch Westin last night so Cody and I could go on a date and run some errands.  You forget how nice it is to sit at a restaurant and have a normal conversation!  Thank you, Elizabeth!  Westin loves his Bella and Asa and had the best time.  As soon as I walked in the door he ran up to me and said, "Fun with Bella!  Fun with Asa!"  :)

Here I am at 38 weeks, 2 days.  Large and in charge!  We planted this dogwood when I was pregnant with Westin.  We plan on planting a pink dogwood soon in honor of Reagan.  Maybe my Dad can help with that in the next few days.  ;) 

Today is my Mom's birthday!!  Happy Birthday!!  We cannot wait to see you tomorrow and celebrate!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last Minute Details and Fun Giveaway

I've been filling up Westin's nap times with last minute details.  It is actually really nice to know the date and time she will be here (Lord willing.)  :) 

I bought a 1/4 of a yard of some coordinating fabrics and ripped them into strips to make this fabric banner.  I just tied them on some twine and plan on using this in some of her newborn pictures.  It is not staying on the crib.  :) 

It hit me the other day that Easter is just a few days after she will be born.  So I started picking up some things for Westin's Easter basket.  I got it all put together today so I got to cross one more thing off my to-do list. 

I love the idea that the new baby gets the older sibling a present.  Westin knows who gave him every single toy he has.  He has to tell me who gave it to him every time he plays with a toy.  So Reagan will be "giving" these toys and candy to Westin when he meets her.  Every time he plays with these cars, I know he will be telling me that Reagan gave them to him.  :)  Plus, he will have some entertainment in the hospital.

Her bag is packed!  Still working on mine...

I packed her stickers from Watch Me Grow too!  They even sent Westin one and a back-up for Reagan in case she decides to come early.  :)  You can find their shop HERE.

For the giveaway-They are giving away TEN sets of monthly stickers to the first TEN expecting moms who blog that email them!  If you blog and are expecting a baby, email them at watchmegrowstickers at   Good luck!

I bought some Easter candy (Sour Patch jelly beans!) the other day and needed my Easter candy jar to put it in.  So I had Cody get the Easter bins out of the attic and it inspired me to put a few decorations out.  These are the only ones I got a picture of though.  I printed the bunny print I found on pinterest from THIS blog. 

There are still several things on my to-do list but they are getting checked off slowly but surely.  One week from today!

Monday, March 26, 2012

T-Minus Nine Days

Well, we are still here!  I didn't mean to go so long without updating but I really haven't had much to say.  I am reminded every day that I only have so many days left where it will be just Westin and I.  I'm so excited to meet Reagan but I do get a little sad when I think how different it will be for Westin.  I hope that is normal!  Ha!

So needless to say, we are soaking up our time together and spending a lot of time playing.  Especially playing outside. 

Wearing Daddy's hat.  He just looks so grown up in all these pictures!  I know he will look like a first grader once Reagan comes. 

He was stalling on his "motorcycle" before church yesterday morning.  He asks to take it in the car every time we are leaving the house!

This weekend we had beautiful weather so we spent several hours outside every day.  I even got all my pots planted with flowers.  That was on my "to-do before Reagan" list.  :)

He still loves his swing!

Although he loves his swing, his absolute favorite thing to do is flips.  He does them all day long.  On the bed, in his crib, on the carpet, on the furniture, and especially outside.  He probably does 50 flips a day!  At least.

He also loves to dig in the flower beds.  He just loves to be outside and I love my stinky, sweaty boy!

I plan on packing mine and Reagan's hospital bag today.  I have a dream every night that I go into labor and it's starting to worry me.  Haha!  :)  I think she is going to stay put until April 4th though.  It is so weird to me to think that I will have another baby a week from this Wednesday!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Reagan's Nursery

Reagan's glider came in so we can now say her room is finished.  Now we are just waiting for her arrival....three weeks from Wednesday!

When I was pregnant with Westin, my first choice was to do an all white nursery.  I took his room in a different direction so when I found out this was a girl, I knew I wanted that white nursery.  The funny thing is, it has turned into a pink and white nursery and I really didn't even want pink.  It started with the bedding.  I did not want to do custom bedding (too exhausting), but finding ready made white bedding is all but impossible.  At least it is if you have a budget.  :)  So we went with THIS bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  That kind of started the pink and white theme.

We moved this bookcase in from the guestroom.  It is a little big but there is room to grow with the empty shelf. 

My mom got this record of birth print when I was born but never used it.  I framed it and hung it from a drawer pull from Hobby Lobby.  I might fill it out with a dry erase marker on the glass or I might just leave it blank too!  Ha!  I loved all the vintage children.

We got the same chair we got for Westin's nursery.  This room is tiny so we have to get the smallest model Best Chairs makes.  It is the Patoka model and can be found HERE.  Thank you to Brittany for going to IKEA and shipping me the white drapes!  I glued pink pom pom fringe to the edges and added black out liners.

We found her chest of drawers at an antique store and changed out the white wooden knobs with pink metal ones from Hobby Lobby. 

This is another drawer pull my dad installed so I could hang this picture from it.  I found the print HERE.

Her closet is stocked and ready to go!  All her clothes are in the chest of drawers except her dresses.  They are all hanging up in the closet.  I made the bow holder by covering a canvas in a piece of scrap fabric and stapling twine on it to clip the bows onto.

More sources:
Butterfly mobile-HERE
White drapes-HERE
Black out liners-Walmart (they just clip on the back of the curtains)
Board and batten tutorial-HERE

Monday, March 5, 2012

Party Pictures-Airplane Theme

*I apologize in advance because there are probably more pictures in this one post than is allowed.  :)

Even though Westin's birthday is on the 5th, his party was on the 3rd and so we gave him his big gift then.  He woke up to this fun toy!   (Yes, he still sleeps in a sleep sack and probably will until he's five!  Ha!  He loves it.)

He also got this table and chairs from Gran and G-Daddy.  I think he likes it!

Here are some pictures of the party decorations.  I went LOW-KEY this year.  It was a lot less stressful than his first party and I was just able to enjoy it.  I got THIS party package off etsy and used THIS invitation.  Everything was printed off at Office Depot.

We hung his birthday banner by the front door.  This banner will be making an appearance at every birthday!  :)  Build a Sign sent this to us last year so it was so fun to pull it out and use it. 

I hung a felt birthday banner I already had instead of using the one in the party package. 

Are these cookies not amazing?!  Holly made them to match his party and they were perfect!  Westin loved the airplanes!  Her blog can be found HERE.

The cupcakes and cookies were the table "decorations".

The party favors were a toy airplane, Hershey bar and the party blow thingy.  (Not sure what they are called!)

Popcorn cones.  We re-used Westin's first year picture stand from his first birthday and stuck the cones in here. 

Westin's adorable shirt was made by the talented Kari Beth.  Her shop can be found HERE.  She is amazing and can pretty much do anything in my opinion!

Gran and G-Daddy with Westin.

Westin did not really like waiting to open his presents.  I found him several times sitting here trying to take a peak!  He really "got" the concept of presents this year and it was so fun.

Blowing out his candles!

I tried to get a picture of every guest but some were very good at hiding from the camera.  You know who you are!

Watcha doing Jason?!

Cousin Bentley!

Katie had some friends that let us borrow their bounce house and it provided the perfect entertainment.

Finally it was present time!

Checking out his new Little People Airport from Gigi and Papa.

He loved everything he got and just goes from toy to toy playing with everything!  He is definitely a blessed little boy!  Thank you to everyone who came and made his birthday perfect!  I've spent the last two days cleaning out his toys and making room for the new ones.  :)