Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Westin's New Room

Westin loves his new room!  He has so much more space and I find him playing in there all the time.  I wanted to move him as soon as possible so he would have plenty of time to adjust before Reagan gets here.  I should not have worried because he hasn't missed a beat.  There has been no change in his sleeping since he moved rooms and I am so grateful!  It took him a couple of weeks to run to his new room when I said, "let's go to Westin's room."  He would always run to his old room and stop in his tracks when he saw that his stuff was gone.  Ha!  Now he runs to his new room and yells, "WOW!" and jumps around like he can't get over the space.  :)

My plan was to move everything and put it in his new room just like it was in his old room.  I could be wrong but I think this helped him not care that we moved him.  Walking into his room is his coat rack. 

His crib wall looks pretty much the same except this ladder shelf wasn't in his old room.  It is from our guest room.  Right now it is just filled with stuffed animals to kind of hide the fact that it is a ladder so he won't get any crazy ideas to climb it.  :)

His toy area is the same, just loaded up with lots of Christmas goodies.

His rocker and reading area is pretty much the same too.

Personally, I like all the space his closet has. 

As I was taking pictures, Westin was having fun behind the scenes making a mess.

Then he tried to ride out of his room, Evil Kenevil style.

Next I'll show you where we moved the guestroom that used to be in here.  I'm so glad all this moving is behind us!


Alex and Jill said...

That last pic of him made me LOL!

Amelia is staying in her current room but is going to a queen size bed...wish us luck!! HA!

Anonymous said...

The coat rack would be best if it was at his eye level that way he can learn how to properly use it from an early age.

emily said...

LOVE it! The bookshelf/armoire is amazing.

He is too cute!

Olga said...

He's so grown up! Looks like you're almost ready for Reagan :) Are you feeling more like yourself these days? I hope so, take care and Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Love it! I think the table/book shelf near the glider is darling! Where did you find it?

Carpe Diem said...

Love the room!! Where did you find the ladder bookshelf?? Thanks!

Mara said...

Wow! You are a really good decorator:)