Monday, January 30, 2012

Elle+Ollie Handmades

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My friend, Kari Beth, has opened an etsy shop with the cutest baby/toddler clothing!  Look at this cute onesie dress she made Reagan.

I love it!  It is even named the Reagan Onesie Dress.  :)  Like this dress, a lot of her dresses are made with Amy Butler fabrics.

She also made this tractor shirt for Westin.  He loves pointing out every tractor we see so he is going to love wearing this shirt!

She has a great eye for fabric combos and design.  She is helping me (which means basically she is doing everything!) make Westin's big brother and birthday shirt.  If you are looking for fun and adorable baby clothing, be sure to check out her shop, HERE.  Tell her I said "hi."  ;)


Abby said...


I LOVE that dress. Too cute. I saw her etsy shop the other day and saved it as a favorite of mine. I need to have her make some stuff for me too! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

That little dress is so cute! Just came across your blog from 320 Sycamore...Love your site! Love the bible verse at the top! Your nursery is coming along great, I love how the wall paneling looks. An adorable mobile too, I think the closer it hangs to the baby, the better she will be able to see it! =) Adorable little boy, he seems to love his new jeep! Awesome site, I will be a regular visitor from now on! =)

Nicole said...

These are darling. So excited for you to be having another baby. So, 1 lb of butter is 4 squares. Don't feel dumb asking that either, I just figured it out a couple of years ago.

petrol scooter said...

This dress make from Amy fabrics.It look so amazing.I really inspire from this blog.Color combinations are so gorgeous.