Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Train and Christmas Craft

A couple of weekends ago we met the Richey's at the Christmas Train.  It is a train in our town that gives tours throughout the year but at Christmas, Santa comes to visit you while you are riding!

Westin loved looking at the train and all the activities going on before we boarded.

These characters came on and Westin wasn't too sure of them at first but then he sat by them and kept petting them and saying, "soft!"

They brought by a basket of candy and of course Westin picked out the sucker.

BFFs deep in conversation.  This was such a fun thing to do this time of year and will probably be something we do for many years to come.  It will probably only get more fun the older he gets.

At the beginning of December, our bunco group had a craft night.  I was in charge of the craft so we made these burlap ornament door hangers.  We used the same technique I did on our Hog door hanger HERE

It is a little wonky, off centered and far from perfect but I reason that you only see it from the street most of the time anyway.  :)


Stacie said...

I love the wonkiness of the door cute!

Mary Madeline said...

The the door hanger!!!

Happiness Is... said...

Love the door hanger!!!

Kristen said...

How FUN!!!! I've never been on a train! That one looks pretty awesome!

Alex and Jill said...

The door hanger is so cute! And Amelia would LOVE that train. I found one in OK that does this and there is a complete Christmas village...I want to take her some day. If she's still as in to trains as she is now. :)

Christy said...

Your front door looks so sweet! What a cutie Westin is!