Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Of course I think Westin is the cutest cheeseburger around!  :)  He got to wear his costume to Mother's Day Out today so we snapped some pictures before we left. 

He actually really loves his costume!  He keeps rubbing it and saying it is "sauce" (soft).

He wore his shirt on Saturday and loved it too.  He kept calling it a monster shirt.  Haha

Last night we went to our church's Blocktoberfest Carnival.  It was much bigger than I was expecting.  There were tons of rides, bounce houses, games, fun houses, candy, food and even a petting zoo. 

I didn't know if Westin would be scared of the rides but he loved them and did not want to get off.  There were only three that he was big enough to ride but he loved the airplanes.

I know this is blurry but this is what his face looked like most of the night.  He was having so much fun!

He even got to hold a chicken.

Adeline and Westin liked petting the donkey.

Lindsey and I stood in line for close to an hour for a funnel cake.  Cody thought we were absolutely crazy but you can't go to a carnival and not get a funnel cake!  To keep Westin and Adeline entertained, they were given plenty of candy.  Westin was wired when we got home!

We've been having so much fun and are looking forward to trick or treating tonight with Zach and Colson

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Decorations

Hello!!!  I cannot believe it has been so long since I blogged!  Y'all were sweet to check in on me.  We are doing great.  I tried to blog a couple of times but our Internet was down for some reason.  It's working today though!

I am 16 weeks now and feeling better each day.  I'm so thankful!  I think week 14 was a turn around and every day gets better and better.  We find out what we are having in a week but I think we are going to do another gender reveal party so we won't actually find out until the following weekend.  Crazy, I know!  I like to find out at the same time as everyone else.  :)

I put out our fall decorations several weeks ago and here are a few pictures.

 Our mantel.

 I found the fall subway art HERE on pinterest.  I printed it out at Sam's Club for around $2.00.

A few trick or treaters found their way onto a silver tray in the kitchen.  The treat jar was full a couple of weeks ago. :)

 The guest bathroom.
 Even Westin's room got a few decorations.

 He has actually never even tried to play with this pumpkin man!

Just in the nick of time I finished his Halloween shirt.  I found the idea HERE on pinterest (of course.)

We are off to trick or treat at Daddy's work and then to a pumpkin carving contest tonight.  We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow and Sunday our church is having a Fall Carnival.  Of course on Monday night we will trick or treat around the neighborhood.  I'm excited about our full weekend!  Westin is going to be a cheeseburger.  :) 

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Hello!  It's been a long time since I've been on here!  I am 14 weeks today and still feeling pretty sick.  I'm ready to like food again!  Haha! 

A couple of weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch with Jason and Katie and my parents.  It was really fun!  This was a huge farm with two corn mazes, a petting zoo, pony rides, hay rides and of course the pumpkin patch.  It was the best pumpkin patch I've been to.  We went in the kiddie maze which supposedly took 5 minutes.  Well, we got lost and 20 minutes later we found the way out.  :)

Westin liked the goats and wanted to touch them if we were holding him. 

This "corn kernel box" was a great alternative to a sand box!  Westin and Zach loved it. 

Our pumpkin.  We tried to find the biggest one we could carry.  :)

G-Daddy and Gran with their boys. 

Westin didn't like the fact that G-Daddy put him down for this picture.  Always drama!   :)

I have managed to put our fall decorations out, which I'm excited about.  I'll post those pictures soon!