Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pat's Again Winner!

Sorry I'm just now posting this....Yesterday, Elizabeth and I decided to take a last minute trip to Little Rock to see her sister and her new baby.  :)  So we have been getting some snuggles in with 3 week old baby Lilly.  Who is just as cute as can be!

According to, the winner of the plate holder is

#11, Susan!  You left your email address so I'll be emailing your
email address at Debbie so she can get your info!

Thanks to everyone who entered!!

P.S.  I know several people are having trouble commenting on my blog and I have the same problem on other blogs.....does anyone have any tips?  I've been told blogger knows about the problem.


Sarah Robbins said...

Testing out the comments! I've noticed it on a few blogs and it seems hit or miss. Weird.

Traci said...

If you uncheck the box that says "stay signed in" it seems to work fine.

hi-d said...

Awe...kind of gives you baby fever I bet. :)

I had that SAME trouble of commenting too a while back & it was driving me NUTS! I did the same thing and unchecked the box that says "stay signed in" just as Tracy mentioned. Hopefully that should fix your problem.

Jenn Prather said...

Ive been having the issue too, Im off to try the stay signed in thing!

Gina said...

I've heard that changing your comments to open a new window rather than being embedded below your post will help the majority of people who are having issues. :)

Ear plugs said...

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Kristen said...

I had the issue for several weeks, but when I unchecked the "stay signed in" box, that's when the problem went away. Hope that works for you!