Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Fun Weekend

We had such a fun weekend!  My birthday was Friday (post coming soon!) and we celebrated Colson's first birthday on Saturday!  Katie did such a good job on his "sweet shop" party.  She posted more pictures on her blog, HERE.  He loved his first taste of cake!

They had all the guests get a family picture behind this big picture frame.  Such a fun idea!  Happy Birthday, Colson!  We love you so much and we are so glad you are a part of our family!

I also got to work out in the yard this past weekend.  I took your advice and cut the dead blooms off my knockout roses and they look so good and are already producing new growth.

Your advice for my gladiolas was to wait until the leaves were wimpy and yellow before cutting them back.  Does that also apply to my iris?  Can I cut these back?
I think everyone is dealing with the heat lately!  It has just been exhausting.  Our AC can barely keep up but I am SOO thankful for our AC!  I honestly don't know what they did before air conditioning.  Westin spends most of his days like this:

He plays so hard that he can hardly stay cool with a shirt on.  Haha!  I hope y'all are staying cool!

P.S.  I have a lot of posts coming up, including a giveaway!


Traci said...

Cute pics! My experience with iris's is that you can cut them back whenever you want. I live in Louisiana & mine multiply like crazy & I can't figure out a way to kill them!!!

hi-d said...

Looks like a FUN party!

Shannon - your flowers/yard are so pretty! You are quite the greenthumb!

courtandchris said...

How Fun! Your little boy is so cute! My husband and I are having a little boy in September. Look forward to following your blog:)

A Hint of Home said...

Happy Birthday Colson!

julie & joe said...

You can cut the iris back now. You cut them at an angle. Although, I never cut mine back. They're in the backyard and I'm a lazy gardner :)

moped said...

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