Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy, But Fun Weekend

I made the silhouette of Westin by taking a profile picture of him, printing it out, cutting it out and then painting it black with craft paint.  :)  You can print it out any size you want but I just printed it out as a regular 4x6 picture.  After you cut it out you could also trace it onto black paper and then cut that out but I just painted the picture.  :)

We had a great weekend!  Friday morning I watched Adeline while her mom went to her Dr. appointment.  Westin and Adeline had fun playing together and they looked so cute in their coordinating outfits. 

 They really look like they could be related.  :)

Friday afternoon Cody's parents came for the weekend.  They hadn't been up in awhile and hadn't seen Westin walking.  They couldn't believe how big he was and how fast he walks.  Haha I didn't get many pictures but I got some cute video of Cody's dad playing the guitar and Westin dancing.

On Saturday, his dad hung this old window and planter out back on our deck.  We have a big space of brick and I wanted something pretty on it.

 I've had the planter since we got married and have always used it inside so I'm glad I finally get to use it how it is supposed to be used.  :)  Plus, it is another place to add pretty flowers!

I also spruced up these pots since the scorching heat had beat up the other ones. 

Saturday evening we met our small group at the park for a picnic.  Adeline was a little mother to Westin.  She will be a great big sister!

Sunday, I cut some of my roses to enjoy inside.  This always makes me happy!  I hope you had a great weekend too!  I have a busy week of teaching VBS this week.  :)


Amy said...

i love the old window hanging outside...especially since it's right by the swing - it makes for a sweet picture! have fun at VBS! :)

Kristen said...

They definitely look like they could be related! I love the picture of her helping him take a drink - melt my heart!!!

Brandi said...

Hey there... I remember you saying you could give out Pinterest invites... is that offer still there??


Emily said...

I love the window and planter on the brick... beautiful!

adventuresindinner said...

Love the old window! I have just the place for one like it.

What wee cuties. What would we do without the little ones?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just love your blog and your sweet little family. I have a question and you may have answered it before, but where did you find those 3 wooden crate/holders (not sure what they're called) hanging on your wall? I love them and have been looking for something like that for my dining room wall.

Brandi :-)

Shannon said...

Hi, I ordered the from The Lettered Cottage blog. I don't think she still sells them but I think her friend does. So you might want to email her. She will know what you are talking about because she has them in her kitchen too. I think they are called "herb crates".