Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leah's Baby Shower

We are about to have some bad weather in our area.  I must say that I have never really been afraid of storms or worried too much about them but having a baby changes everything!  Especially after seeing what happened in Joplin (not too far from here) the other day and what happened in Oklahoma today.  That same storm is headed our way as I type.  I have our hall closet cleaned out and our flashlights ready just in case.  I just can't sit here and wait anymore so I thought I would blog.  :) Especially while we still have power.

This past weekend I helped host a baby shower for one of my lifelong friends, Leah.  We have known each other and have been friends literally since we were born!  She is due to have a baby girl in July.  We can't wait to meet Lilly! 

I was in charge of the table decorations so I enlisted my mom to help me.  We got our inspiration from the table decorations from one of Katie's showers when she was pregnant with Colson.

We started with the burlap table runner that my mom bought me for Mother's day.  It is from THIS shop on etsy.

The candle sticks and bird cages are from Oops and we potted some flowers to put inside them. 

On top of the candle sticks we added some moss from Hobby Lobby and topped with some candles.  My mom already had the moss bird and it looked right at home by the birdcage.  Leah said everything reminded her of her wedding decorations so I think she liked it!

The advice cards matched the invitations and the guests wrote notes of encouragement and advice for the mom-to-be.  The left over cards can be used for notecards.

Basic steps for the chalkboard:
-find a cheap matted picture (it doesn't matter at all what it looks like)
-paint the frame however you would like
-peel the paper off the back and take out the mat and glass
-paint the glass with chalkboard paint
-cover the mat in fabric of choice (I just taped it to the back of the mat so I can easily switch it up)
-put the mat in first with the chalkboard glass behind it and re-assemble frame
-easy peasy with endless possibilities

Leah and I were able to get a picture before the guests arrived.

Leah with the hostesses.  We had a great time celebrating Leah and Lilly!


Danielle said...

Where is your cute top/dress from? I love it!! :)

Becky said...

Beautiful shower Shannon! Love the table runner your mom gave!

Cherish This Life! said...

So, so cute! You are so great with decorating!

Brooke said...

So pretty!! And I LOVE your outfit, Shannon!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was coming to ask where your cute top came from too, Shannon! It's adorable. Great job on the decorations!


Rebecca Sagen said...


I have been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog! You have some amazing ideas, you inspire me! :)

Anonymous said...

Please post where you did get your outfit from! Too cute!

Kelly said...

Hahaha, same comment as everyone else. Where is your beautiful dress from?

Katie said...

Ah, everything looks wonderful! Great job.

Amy said...

haha....same here - i am LOVING your dress (top?) so cute!!
and you look great!
you girls in arkansas sure know how to throw a shower! :)

Shannon said...

Hi All!! Ya'll are so sweet. I got my dress at our local craft fair but the brand is "blue bird". The seller's website is yonnasfashions.com and she has a facebook page. I hope that helps!

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Olga said...

Did you prime the glass first to make the cute picture frame chalk board? I want to make one for a Bridal shower. Thanks

Paula said...

Not only was your shower beautiful but you were beautiful!!!
I enjoy your blog and watching Westin grow!!
Thanks for always sharing!!

Paula said...

I meant to tell you, I got a piece of art from RJU. Thank you for letting her advertise on your blog!! I just love it!!
Also, I just bought the last burlap table runner from the Etsy shop! Thanks for the tip!

maddy said...

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