Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Winner and Tornado

The winner of the Stella & Dot earrings is
Shutterhappyhope of Hope In A Jar!

Congratulations! Email me your address at row35401 at yahoo dot com and I will send your info to Danielle.
Thanks to everyone who entered and a big thank you to Danielle for offering a fantastic giveaway!

I have to share....while I was writing this post, the tornado sirens starting going off and the news station started calling the house (my mom is on a call list for when a tornado is in her zip code.) Of course my dad went outside (men!) to see what it was looking like but then came back in and said "get in the bathroom" so I went in Westin's room (my mom was rocking him to sleep) and said, "come on!"  Poor baby was practically asleep but enjoyed a little time in the bathtub with the flashlight.  :)

I hope everyone else is safe and sound!


julie & joe said...

Sounds like a close call! Are you at your parents? They cancelled our watch early this afternoon. We spent quality time in the basement last week. I try not to freak Aaron out. He really worries. I tend to get jumpy. Our house blew away on April 24, 1975 one huge anniversary in my memory.

destiny said...

So scary! I just saw that on the Weather Channel! I hope everything is okay. Stay safe!!

Twice as Nice said...

Shannon, I know you live near Kelly and her bf Laurie and they have mentioned that they are in "tornado alley". I just don't understand why none of you have basements.? We live in Illinois and the weather can get bad here as a town about 20 miles away had a tornado last June. I hate when the weather gets bad but I don't know what I would do if we didn't have a basement we could go to. Is there a reason you can't have a basement where you live?

~Ashlea~ said...

I know people kind of joke about going to the bathroom during a tornado. But it honestly works apparently.
We live in NC and we just had the worst string of tornados the state has ever seen this past weekend. Our news channel has reported of a woman who got in her bathtub with her dog and cell phone. A tornado destroyed her 4500 sq ft home and sent her and her tub flying 75 yards away from her house.....and both she and the dog lived!

So, I will be in the bathtub with my whold family next time we have a tornado!!

Glad everyone your way is safe!

West Hill Heritage said...

Tornado's yuck! We have the same situations in Oklahoma.

Diane said...

Just now reading this, but this weather has been CRAZY! We have 8 trees down here and our power was out from Tuesday night until last night, around 44 hours. Glad you guys are safe and hope you're having a good week with your parents. :-)