Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank You March Sponsors!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has agreed to pray for Sarah.  I know she appreciates it greatly.

Second, I've received the message that I have seen going around blogland.  My blog is out of storage space for photos!  What do y'all do?  Do I have to buy more space?

Third, I wanted to thank my March sponsors!!  (Sorry for no pictures...see above.)  They are the best!  Thank you!!  If you haven't been by their sites, please take a minute to stop by.  I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Thank you!
Twice As Nice Lettering
Stella and Dot-Danielle
Studio JRU


Amber said...

Ugh, running out of storage space stinks! That happened to me earlier this year. I started uploading my photos to Flickr, and from Flickr you can get an html link to embed the photo into your blog. It definitely takes a little longer because it's an extra step, but that's the only non-pay solution I have figured out so far. You can e-mail me if you need help with resizing your photos from Flickr, etc. Good luck!

Andrea said...

I had the same issue to with photos and use both Flickr & Photobucket as use the embeded HTML codes to post pictures.

Both options allow you to edit and resize for your blog. I use both for the simple fact of more storage options.

Hope that helps.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh no Shannon! I wish I knew how to help but I have no idea. You can bet I will be reading all of your comments because I am sure I'm getting close to running out of space myself. Hope you find more room soon. I love your pictures...and your sponsors too!

Summer said...

I had it happen to me a few months ago and my blog was only 5 months old at the time! I had to buy more space from Google, $5 I believe for tons more space so it wasn't as big a deal as I thought when my heart initially fell to the floor, ha!

mamabear said...

I just did what Summer did. I bought more space from Google for $5. So worth it! For a while I uploaded from Flickr, but that was tiresome and took up a long time.


Kristen and Andy said...

I had the same message a couple months ago and just about had a panic attack! I just paid $5 for the extra storage - it was way more storage for a year than I had used in total for almost 3 I figured that wasn't too bad and just did it.