Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture Frames

First of all, is anyone else as excited about the royal wedding as I am?!  I have my DVR set to start recording at 3am.  I can't wait to see her dress!  However, I do not know what the people on TV will talk about when it is over.  I'm sure they will find something though.  :)

When I was in Little Rock my Mom and I went to a new Goodwill store.  I found this lamp and the duck picture.  Oh, I had big plans for that lamp!!  I primed it, spray painted it and then when I checked on it, the spray paint had literally cracked away from the lamp.  It looked like it had the crackle finish on it that used to be so popular.  It was so weird and something that had never happened before.  My Dad's verdict was the lamp had some kind of finish on it that the paint just simply did not stick to.  So it is now in the trash.  The lamp only cost $6.00 so it was worth the effort.  

My Dad made me a frame for the giant picture we got from Westin's one year pictures.  He had some leftover molding so he made me a 16x24 frame for this picture:

We painted it with some leftover paint and we had a brand new, free frame!  Thank you, Dad!  I'm not sure this is the final resting place for the picture but this is where it is for now.  Cody likes it here but I'm not sure.  It is just sooo big! 

I can't remember how much the duck picture cost, but I think it was $2.00.  I took the glass and picture out, painted it with the same leftover white paint.  Now I have a picture frame for Westin's 8x10 picture that we got.

Goodwill is my absolute favorite place to find picture frames.  They are so cheap and you can find many shapes and sizes.  Do not let the color of them turn you off.  Just look for the shape and size you need and you can paint them whatever color you want.  :)

Thank you!
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The Branches said...

I LOVE that picture of you all! That barn is gorgeous! And so are you three of course ;)

Sara said...

You are sooo creative:)

I am still deciding which channel to DVR...I am just not sure which one will be the best! Oh, the important decisions. Ha!

'The H Family' said...

oh my word!! that picture turned out soooo good!! i love how big it is and i love it on your mantle...that looks awesome!! and yes...i am pumped about the royal ready to go. all i need is crumpets and tea..or fish and chips...or heck diet coke and easter candy will do!!

Giggles said...

My Mom had the duck picture and I think it was from Home Interiors. Love the pictures.

Elizabeth said...

My sister goes to that Goodwill all the time! (I'm from LR). She finds the best clothes!

hi-d said...

That frame turned out so nice that your Dad made! Beautiful photo of the 3 of you. I love that idea of finding frames and painting them. That's definitely something I want to do...

Have fun watching the wedding!

Emily said...

Such a beautiful picture of your family! I can't wait for Jack to be able to hold his head up for a good family shot!

Kelli said...

Very cute! We are having our family photos done this weekend and by our barn is one we are sure to take!

Kelli @

Kristen and Andy said...

Love the frames and how they turned out. Too bad about the lamp - but at least it wasn't a huge waste of $$. I LOVE Goodwill too - still looking for a good one near me. Up in Canada where my Mom lives they have great stores there amazing deals!

Jeni said...

Living in Korea meant with all the time changes and zones the wedding was on all day and the big moment was at 7pm. Ben and Madi started watching with me the second the got home from school. Wasn't the wedding perfect!?!
What a neat family picture with the barn, it's very nice.
Westin looked beautiful (even though he is a boy) in that little blue outfit for that.

Casey :) said...

I've totally read you talk about Goodwill so many times it seems and I ALWAYS tell myself I NEED to go and try to find some goodies, and I always always forget! Boo! I guess I need to add it to my iphone calendar and make it alert me! haha :) Love the frames btw! They turned out great!

Kristen said...

I LOVE me some Goodwill! That was actually my job in high school and I worked there for several years! I love finding treasures!

Alex and Jill said...

I love that picture of the three of you. You always do the best projects!

I think I have those same boots that you're wearing. Steve Madden? Love 'em!