Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Rock Fun

**Fair warning...this post has a million and one pictures.**

Here is a what our week in Little Rock looked like.  Cody and I call Westin, "our little flower child."  He loves being outside and can sit and study a leaf for forever.  We played ball outside every day it wasn't raining.

We took Westin to the park.  He went down a slide for the first time by himself.

He loved it.

Not the best picture of me, but I have to document Westin's first see-saw experience.

We took a day trip to Hot Springs to visit my grandparents.  We rode 4-wheelers for a couple of hours. 

We took a 30 minute ride to a waterfall on their property. 

I think it looks like he is sitting in front of a backdrop.  :)

We had to walk right past this bear den to get to the waterfall.  Thank goodness we didn't see any bears!  ;)

We had tornado warnings one night.

Westin loves snuggling with his 4 lovies and his Gran.

We also went to an egg drop.  A helicopter flew over and dropped 10,000 eggs into a field.  Westin got three.  :)

He was not interested in petting the baby duck.

I bet he climbed up and down these two stairs at least 200 times. 

We had a great time spending time with my parents. We get spoiled with all the meals, play time and not having to do much of anything.  Thank you Gran and G-Daddy!

I did hit up a Goodwill and my Dad and I made a few things that I will be sharing with you soon!

Thank you!
Thirty One Gifts-Dana
Twice As Nice Lettering
Stella and Dot-Danielle
Studio JRU


Erin said...

Westin's shoes are just what I am looking for....where did you get them? It hasn't been warm enough here to wear shorts, so my almost 14-month old doesn't have any shoes for shorts!

Thanks! :)

Kari Beth said...

shannon, westin could not be any cuter! i love him. we should try to get him and elle louise together for a play date sometime. elle would probably scare him, but she would love him.

i love how sweet he looks in every single picture. if you told me this baby had an attitude (like elle) and says no and tries to hit you (like elle) i would NEVER EVER believe you!

Anonymous said...

Westin is the cutest little baby!!
He must have the best disposition . He is always smiling and looks so happy! What a sweetheart! Bless you guys!

Shannon said...

Erin, his blue croc looking shoes are from Children's Place. The tan shoes are from Target. :)

Katie said...

Love all the pics. The one on the slide is precious. His hair!

The pic by the waterfall does look like a backdrop. So pretty. It makes me miss Grammy and Grampie.

'The H Family' said...

LOVE all the pictures!! Looks like you guys had such a fun week!! Cracking up at the backdrop pic, the bathtub pic, and the hair on slide cute!! He looks like such a big boy in all of these, and I too, LOVE his shoes!! ;)

Rebekah said...

Shannon, he gets cuter and cuter all the time! That hair. That smile. Just so precious! I love his little monster shirt!

C.L.B. said...

He's so cute!

P.S. I see your Mia in that tub photo!

julie & joe said...

Looks like you had a great time! I haven't been to Hot Springs in at least 10 years. It is beautiful this time of year.
I'm glad Westin enjoyed Easter.

Erin said...

Thanks, Shannon!

Kristen said...

Shannon, he is SO sweet! I love his little flyaway hair!

Glad you guys stayed safe in the tornadoes! It's been scary in TN, too!

Nancy said...

Those eyelashes!! Adorable. What fun. Thanks for sharing the photos of your lovely family.

hi-d said...

Great photos! Love the ones of Westin going down the slide. So cute!

And that shirt in the last photo is adorable!

Alex and Jill said...

Oh my goodness...the pic of him with your Mom is my favorite! So cute. The one of him with the duck is so funny. I wouldn't be petting it either! HA! Looks like a fun trip!