Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating our Risen Savior and spending lots of time with family.  I spent the week at my parent's house before Cody joined us Easter weekend.  Westin was spoiled rotten and I will do a separate post re-capping our time in Little Rock.  This post has a lot of pictures so I'll mostly be sharing our Easter in pictures.  :)

Westin, Gran and I dyed some eggs.  Westin's balloon is never far away.  He wasn't very interested in the process once he realized he couldn't hold the eggs.  :)  I'm cracking up at the Diet Coke supply in the background.  Haha!  We love our Diet Coke!  Also, that was a great Goodwill lamp that I found and tried to paint but it was a big fat fail. I'll share more about that later.  :)

Our finished eggs.

My parent's church offered a Saturday night service that we went to.  It was amazing.  It was funny dressing up for Easter on Saturday night so I put Westin in his Easter outfit Sunday too.  :)

Westin's Easter bucket from us.

He got it Sunday morning and really didn't care for much of anything in it.  Haha

The balloon always has top priority.

He also got a basket from his Gran and G-daddy.

My grandparents also get everyone something too!

I'm so glad we do not have any stairs in our house because Westin climbed these about 100 times.

He even found some outside.

Time to hunt some Easter eggs!

Cousins!  Trying to get a decent picture of three boys, three years and under is no easy task.  The whole process is just hilarious and someone usually ends up getting hurt.  Haha!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter too!!

Thank you!
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Auntie D said...

Love all the pictures!! Westin is such a cutie! Love the pics with his cousins...boys will be boys. ha! :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Katie said...

Fun! Great pictures! So glad it wasn't raining. ; )

Hillary said...

Such cute pictures! Is Westin's little Easter jon-jon from Strasburg Childres? It looks like the same one that our little one was baptised in! I loved it!

Cari said...

Sooo cute!! Love all the pics!

Leah said...

Love the pictures! Westin is such a cutie : )

Maygan said...

Westin is just adorable! I love all of the pics!

hi-d said...

So sweet! I love the photo of Westin on the front porch...on the stairs. So cute!!!

'The H Family' said...

I love all the pics!! Westin looked adorable (and Zac and Colson too!!) His little outfit was too cute!!!

Christi said...

Loved the pictures. You are such a blessing. I love the can of spray paint in the picture too. :)


The Branches said...

Happy Easter sweet Westin I love your oufit and all the pictures!

amanda said...

I have a little boy who is a few weeks younger than Westin and he LOVES balloons too. Whenever he has one, he carries it with him wherever he goes! It's so funny to see him crawling around with a balloon flying behind him.

destiny said...

What a wonderful Easter!! Westin is such a cutie in his Easter the knee socks! It reminds me of Ethan one Easter! I miss dressing him up in those little one piece suits.
That last picture is killing me with his little lip poking out! I never see him not smiling! Precious!

Anonymous said...

Westin is such a thin baby. FYI: If you save the coke rewards found in each box or bottle you can redeem them for free magazines.

Alex and Jill said...

How did I miss this Easter post!?? Such cute pics!