Thursday, April 7, 2011

All Over The Place

That's what this post is-all over the place!  We all seem to like random, list style posts so here is another one.  I just always have so much to tell you!  :) 

Look what the sweet ladies of Sarah + Abraham sent Westin!!  Have you ever seen a more adorable plate and bowl?  I showed it to him and he reached for the bowl and smiled like he was holding a piece of gold.  He loves them!  And so do I!  Thank you!

Becky reminded me that I haven't blogged about Oops in awhile.  For those of you who are new around here, Oops is a huge local store that has cheap, cheap, cheap random home decor.  Well, I actually hadn't been to Oops in forever so I decided to go yesterday.  I found some great things!
 I got the birdcage ($7.50), Easter basket grass (.65), a pool floaty for Westin's Easter basket ($2.50) and my favorite things were the picture frames.  The 5x7's were .80 each, the square ones were .65 each and the rectangle ones were $1.10 each.  You can't beat that!  I'll be sure to let you know what I do with them when I figure it out.  :)

I'm going to put the birdcage outside on our table on the deck with some flowers in it, but until I know it is not going to freeze again I have it on my kitchen table.

Okay, I got a lot of emails asking how to get your pictures bigger.  Of course I only know how to do this for blogger accounts.  I took pictures of my computer screen because I don't know how to to a screen shot on my laptop!  Haha! 

First of all, I had to buy more photo storage from Google for $5.00 a year.  After I upload my pictures to my computer, I upload them to my Picasa web album. This is free and makes it soooo much easier to upload your pictures to your post.  So when I click to add a picture in my post, I now click "from Picasa web album."

It immediately pulls up my albums, I choose one and then choose the pictures to add to my post.  My favorite part is that it uploads them in the exact order I click on them!  So I can click number 2, 10, 3 and it will put them in my post in that order.  Love that!  Also after you click on them and click "add selected" they are immediately in your post.  You do not have to wait for them to upload!

Now, to make them bigger...Once you have them in your post, click on it and it gives you options to make it small, medium, large, extra large, etc.  Click on extra large.

You have to do it for each individual picture but it makes them big and that is what we like.  :)  Then you are ready to type your post.  Easy, easy, easy.  

In other news, guess who figured out how to climb up on the fireplace hearth.  He was so proud of himself too!  Maybe tomorrow he will forget he knows how to do that.  ;)  Haha!

If you have anymore blogging tips, leave them in the comments! 

Thank you!
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Rebekah said...

I will say that Blogger has come a LONG way over the last couple of years! I do it the same way you do it! I love the plate and bowl!

Amy said...

Id love to know where your friends got the plate and bowl. Id love to get a set for Clayton!

Carolina Girl said...

Thanks again Shannon!

I've seen those olliegraphic plates and bowls on before. They're super cute.

I'm totally addicted to zulily.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing. Love that birdcage!

The Voiles' said...

Cute Plate and Bowl! So FUN!!
I have to try the picture thing.
Do you know how to upload pictures to your blog from your phone?
Westin is so stinkin cute!

Elizabeth said...

I'm wondering if I have an older version of Blogger because I'm not given the option of uploading from my Picasa album. Do you know if there is an updated version or do I need to upgrade something on my account? Uploading pictures should not be so hard!

Love your Oops finds. Love that place!

The Smith Family said...

I need you to send some crafty-ness my way please! ha
We tried doing the transition to one nap a day but he just wasnt ready so we do two naps still. Ive been told you'll know when they are ready. Their morning naps will start to dwindle down and they will fight their naps more. I thought he was starting to do that but he definitely wasnt ready. he would take an hour hour and a half nap around 12:30 and that was it for the day. He was awful at night. Good luck with Sweet Westin!! oh and maybe he WILL forget that he knows how to climb up there ;)

'The H Family' said...

Love the 'randomness' and i love that plate and bowl...we def need a few more around here. I need to try that whole 'pic' thing...but i might need a personal tutorial...i am not to smart when it comes to that kind of stuff!! and OOPS...oh how i miss thee!! an OOPS visit is way past due!!!

Kari Beth said...

i LOVE the birdcage! and the frames...oh my goodness! so cheap. do you think that they would spray paint good? i need those for elle's "play space"!

julie & joe said...

I haven't been to Oops! since February. I got a bunny finial. I saw the frames but husband didn't think we needed them! We always have a good time there!

Emily said...

Thanks for the uploading pictures tip!!! That will be useful.

My two little ones love climbing onto our hearth.... it drives me bonkers.. I am so worried they will fall and get hurt... and they have fallen a time or two but not serious injury came (thankfully!).

the osbornes said...

I keep all my pics in Picasa Web Albums too, but Blogger doesn't give me the option to upload from there...what am I doing wrong??? :)

Kayla said...

I love the plate and bowl I just might have to order some for my little one. You scored big on the frames I wish we had a store like that around.

Ruth Ann said...

I love the plate and bowl as well! I just want to add that the extra-large picture format only works on certain types of blogger templates. I unfortunately have a blog with two columns down the side and can only put large photos on my blog instead of extra-large! :(
I may need to change my template!

The Branches said...

Oh I love that bowl and plate!!! Glad to know Oops still exists you always find such awesome stuff :) I must go there next time I go visit my grandpa in NWA. And YEAH for BIIIIIG pictures they are awesome I love it and won't go back to small pics ever again it makes all the difference! Have a good Friday <3 Becky

Kristen and Andy said...

Love that plate & bowl set - too cute! And wow - I am jealous about that store - I am all about finding good deals :)

Fireplaces are bad news in our house too - although for Cannon - its b/c he likes to EAT the stuff out of it - yuck!!!

Happiness Is... said...

Do you have a Mac?

Screenshot is Command - Control - Shift - 3

If you hit Command - Control - Shift - 4, then it gives you the option to drag your cursor to outline what you want exactly. Then you hear a click like a camera and it is saved to your desktop. Amazing!

Sara Tams said...

I'm so happy to hear that Westin liked his plate & bowl set! :)

BillandCristin said...

I ordered a bowl just like that from Sarah + Abraham for my son Eli's first birthday... I think the hair color might be different, and name, obviously. I absolutely love it and so does Eli! Lucky dog for getting them gifted! ;) They were fantastic to work with.

Emily said...

I am trying really hard to upload pictures from my picasa web, but I am not given the option of uploading from picasa. Any suggestions?

Amy said...

Where is Oops?

Sarah Robbins said...

Hey Shannon, you can get storage for free from Photobucket. It makes it take one or two more steps, but it's free and you can determine the size of your pictures which is awesome! Shoot me an email if you want me to send you a tutorial. I know it's only $5, but you can use as big of pictures as you want with photobucket, and then you never need to buy more for blogger. I use really high resolution, which I know is a problem with blogger.

Miller Family said...

I don't get that Picasa Web Album option either. Any suggestions?